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Suppress negativity spread goodness

Guru Nanak arrived at a village where people were a quarrelling with each other. He blessed them and asked them to prosper and live in that village forever. In the next village, people were living with peace, compassion and tranquility.

Guru Nanak blessed them too and advised them to abandon the village and disperse.

Mardana, his close disciple got puzzled observing the strange blessings, he asked, “Why did you bless the unworthy people of first village with prosperity, and asked the good people of the second village to disperse.

Guru Nanak smiled and answered: ‘The quarrelsome will only spread unrest and friction wherever they go. So I asked them to remain where they were. But it is better for the peace-loving to disperse and take their good qualities so that wherever they go people can learn the art of peaceful coexistence.’”

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