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Gratitude always

One night, a thief entered the hut of a sage. He was writing a letter, so he looked at the thief and said, ”For what have you come? What do you want?”

And this sage was so innocent that even the thief couldn’t tell a lie. So he said, ”Looking at you, so mirror-like, so innocent like a child, I cannot tell a lie. Should I tell the truth?”

The sage said, ”Yes.”

He said, ”I have come to steal something.”

The sage said, ”There in that corner I have got a few rupees. You can take them” – and then he  focused on to write his letter again.

The thief took the money and was trying to leave and then the sage said, ”Stop! When somebody gives you something you should thank him. The money may not be of much help, but thanking a person will go a long way and will be of help to you. So thank me!”

The thief thanked him and disappeared into the dark.

Later on the thief was caught, and it was discovered that he had been to this sage’s hut also, so the sage was called to the court.

The sage said in court, ”Yes, I know this man very well – but he has never stolen anything from me. I gave him some rupees and he thanked me for them. It is finished, there was nothing wrong. The whole thing is finished, the account is closed. I gave him some money and he thanked me for it. He is not a thief.”

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Desirelessness is the best boon

A man went into worshipping God Shiva to seek his blessings to fulfil his desire. After several years of God Shiva got pleased and granted him three boons.

God Shiva said “You can fulfil your three wishes, i grant you three boons.”

The man forgot what he wanted and after lots of thinking he remembered. He asked for the first wish “His wife should die immediately.”

His wife died instantly.

Seeing his wife dead he started feeling sad so he requested God to fulfil his second wish “Please revive my wife again.” His wife got her life back.

God warned “Now you have only one boon left. So, ask your third boon.”

Man got confused and was unable to decide. He took years but could not decide. Finally he asked God, “I am not able to decide, you please help.”

God said “There can be only one wish, one desire which is worthwhile. Ask for desirelessness, otherwise nothing is worthwhile.

Whatever you ask, the next moment you will want something else, even just the opposite of the first.”

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How to turn dreams into reality with wisdom, devotion and action?

Like me, have you ever wondered why some people turn their dreams into reality while many others keep saying that dreams are not meant to be true?

The difference lies largely in how you apply the wisdom, devotion and action. 

This has been shown pretty well in Ramayana and helps me rewire my brain.

Kaushalya, mother of God Ram, was an embodiment of wisdom. Throughout her life, she conducted herself wisely and enlightened life.

Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman, was full of devotion. She handed over Lakshman for Ram’s service and never demanded anything for herself.

Kakayi, the mother of Bharat, was an action-oriented person. Her actions were misguided as she went into the company of Manthara, and influenced by her ill-will, she demanded the fulfilment of her two boons to send Ram to the forest for 14 years of exile.

Spending one minute focusing on this prompt: “Whatever you are doing right now, is it aligned with the right wisdom, devotion and action? 

Is it what will wake you up tomorrow, will take you where you want to be next year, how others will see you, and what your life will look like?”

Just one minute of reflection will align your thinking, feeling and action the way your best self would for converting your dreams into reality.

Sounds like work! Try it.

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How can one get rid of external and sensory disruptions? How can one enhance the intuition to do more of the righteous things?

Meditating regularly and constantly is the most powerful ammunition in the hands of humanity to discover life’s meanings and attain salvation.

Meditation is a mental process that will help you eliminate disturbing and distracting thoughts and focus on specifics, whatever you want to dwell on – matter, material or mindfulness.

Meditation attracts divinity when experienced – you will start seeing a much more beautiful world.

Meditation washes away your sin and devious motives, like the rainwater flowing the mud and garbage from the sewer.

So, what is the right way to meditate?

There are many ways to do the meditation. Choose the meditation style you are comfortable with; you can easily perform and suit your intellectual pursuit.

Meditation should be done in peaceful settings, sitting with folded legs and eyes closed unless you are afraid of sleeping. Keep your eyes on God’s idol, or focus on the place between your eyes.

During the meditation, keep your head, body, and neck straight. Your both hands should rest on your knees.

Meditation done in such settings and manner brings optimum results. It is like when you crop the seed on fertile land; it gives you a better output.

Starting from 15 minutes, you can meditate as long as you wish. Refrain from any form of noise, disruption, disturbance, ego, and selfish motive. You are assured of attracting the positivity and goodness in your life by performing the meditation.

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Keep it sparkling

Really all you need is yourself. No one can really help you. You can only help yourself if you truly desire it. Saying someone else made you emotionally unstable is like saying you are only breathing because someone is doing it for you. You can save yourself. Every one has the opportunity to become the person they want to be. You only have to find the right path. Yes, it seems hard but if it were easy then it wouldn’t be very special when you finally receive what you are looking for.

There are people who will stand behind you but only you can make things happen. Hope you find the SPARKLE that is inside you.

Blame yourself. No one else. It is then you will truly be on your way up.

Keep It Sparkling!

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Determine who you want to me

Don’t waste yourself discovering WHO YOU ARE instead seek to determine WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

Our life has only one purpose, and that pupose is to experience the glory of life in fullest.

Everthing that we say, do or endeavor into is supplant to the quest of finding it. There is nothing else for our soul to do and nothing else our soul want us to do.

The wonder of this purpose is that it is never-ending – limitless, endless, boundariless yet purposeful journey. Should there come a moment in which we experience fullest glory, we will in that instant imagine an ever greater glory to fulfill. The quest for glory keeps growing like a fish in the sea never reaches the depth yet keeps reaching out for more deeper level.

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.

Let there be the god at your side to help you discover WHAT YOU WANT TO BE today and everyday!

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Sell your customers what they want, not what they need

Two friends walk into a boutique airport briefcase store and go in different directions of the store, one to the left and the other to the right.
There is only one salesman in the store; he has to decide whom to approach first.
He notices that one of the men already has a relatively new briefcase, only a few months out of date. However, the other man’s briefcase is practically falling apart – he needs a bag badly.
Who should the salesman approach?
If you said he should approach the man with the NEW briefcase, you are right.
It’s simple. The man with the old briefcase has made it clear that his suitcase is not important to him. Given the condition it’s in, he’s likely had many opportunities to replace it. Why would he replace it now and at such an expensive boutique shop?
However, the man with the new briefcase has shown interest. It’s clear he cares about having a stylish briefcase and may not be aware that he is already outdated.

The best potential customer is the one who has already shown interest.

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Live yourself. Live honest. Live present.

Last week, I was hosting TiE entrepreneurs over “business builder breakfast”. Post the event, I was interacting with a guy and he said “you’ve spoken and answered with such a simplicity that it made us feel like entrepreneurship is nothing except our everyday life. Your words were so close to your heart and we stayed connected throughout.”

My life experience says – live yourself and there are ample amount of people who will connect, conduct and care for you. Live honest and see yourself at the top list when people think of trust, credibility and loyalty. Live present and enjoy the moments as gifted to you and keep engaging, interacting and solving real issues with real self.

Have a blessed day!

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Doing things for the appeasement of eternal self

नानापुराणनिगमागमसम्मतं यद् रामायणे निगदितं क्वचिदन्य्तोअपि।
स्वान्तःसुखाय तुलसी रघुनाथगाथा भाषनिबन्ध मतिमञ्जुलमातनोति।।

“Many Puran, Ved, and Tantra has a mention, and it has it’s reference in the Ramayan, and also has been narrated elsewhere, I Tulsi, writing the narrative of Raghunath for the appeasement of my eternal self.”

Hinduism has a process driven approach to learning – learn/hear, reflect, absorb, debate and then develop your conviction. Tulsidas in above couplet has made the affirmation “I have referred to various available sources, and then I am writing this scripture for the appeasement of the self.”

This kind of work can only lead you to do something which becomes a history, a par excellent work of art, and an ageless reference. To achieve a superior result, do the work for appeasement of self rather than of someone else.

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Practitioner of righteousness

Bringing righteousness to your side means you’re aware of the pains of others, doing good and stopping any matter of pride holding onto your mind. 

Vivekananda before leaving India to visit America, visited Maa Sharada to seek her permission. He quipped, “Maa, I am leaving for America. Please grant me your permission and blessings.”

Sharada, “Why are you going to America? What are you going to do there?”

Vivekananda, “I am going to spread the message of righteousness to the citizens of that country.”

Sharada pointing her finger to the knife nearby asked, “Please handover the knife to me.” Vivekananda obliged.

Sharada, “You have my blessings! You are prepared to spread the message of righteousness.”

Wearing surprise on his face, Vivekananda asked, “Maa, I want to know if there was any connection between you asking for the knife and your blessings to declare me eligible for spreading the message of righteousness to the masses.”

Sharada replied, “I wanted to know the way you handle the knife while passing it to me. Any ordinary man  would do it indifferently. He will hold the handle of the knife in his hand and pass it with the blade directed toward the one who asks for it. But you held the blade of the knife in your hand and its handle was directed toward me. It shows that you understand the depth of righteousness and you are prepared to spread it to the world. Stay blessed, my son!”

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यत्र योगेश्वरः कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः ।
तत्र श्रीविजयो भूतिध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम ।। 

Wherever there is Kṛṣṇa, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality.

Luck + Action = Success
Dream + Action = Success
Vision + Action = Success
Purpose + Action = Success
Mission + Action = Success
Knowledge + Action = Success
Value + Action = Success
Passion + Action = Success

Now you decide what is your route to success?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 18.78 verse it is clearly said that for assured success you need Krishna (Luck, dream, vision, purpose, mission, knowledge, value, passion) and you (action) together.

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Turning Lessons  Into Conviction

Four people whom I am indebted for teaching me great lessons that helped me turn them  into conviction.

My father who invested umpteen amount of time and efforts narrating the mythological stories, scriptures and verses during my early childhood. Resting on his lap, sometimes, I used to feel, why is he teaching me such boring things?

My High School teacher who introduced the business by distinguishing two different Pakoda vendors. One who puts right kind of ingredients and fries with right flame to make it delicious and the other one who just uses same ingredients and fries in any flame to get it ready.

My first boss who taught me to work hard, very hard, very very hard. It was so hard that after spending 10 hours in office we must go to his home and work until midnight to help him with report preparations, etc.

My colleagues and friends at Sony Music and the kind of culture that the company pursue. It has left such a lasting impact on me that I dream of making my business closer to Sony Music culture and that would be the biggest tribute of my life.

Subhash Chandra at Zee and his courage to facilitate an unconditional support to allow me to try entrepreneurial acumen.

The lessons from these masters begin to turn as conviction beneath which I have carved my life. Lessons from my father has helped me gain so much of reputation as I can contextually relate everything with teachings of our scriptures and mythological references.

I realise that we should not stop receiving lessons from wherever it may come. Whether we use it today or not isn’t important. The important is that we maintain a lesson bank and whenever we need to solidify our thinking, withdraw some lessons from the bank. Once you experience their usability, it will turn as your conviction. Let there be the conviction.

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Desire is of yours, but Destiny is of God

You are constantly creating desires, both good ones and bad ones. Your mind is always busy making all sorts of desires. The creation of desire is the mind’s sole prerogative. 

Do they all get fulfilled? In the world, you’ll never find even one person who can claim that all his desires were fulfilled. 

After the war of Mahabharat, Shri Krishna and Pandava visit their grandfather Bhishma, who is sleeping on his deathbed and can depart for the heavenly pastures anytime.

Seeing Shri Krishna, Bhishma requests him to answer his question. He asked, “Hey Govinda when Narayani Sena and I were selected to fight with Duryodhana, a tiny smile appeared on your face. Since then, I have been curious to know why you smiled at that moment.”

God Krishna answered, “Pitamah, you are granted the wish to die on your own desire, and you have full right to desire whatever you want to. But, I have total control over creating the situation around you through which you will start wishing for whatever I want. Like your current status, even if you desire to live, laden with the wounds and pains, you are not in a livable condition.”

Exercise: Stop creating excessive and unwanted desires in your mind. Shri Krishna is the sole creator, keeper, and destroyer of your desires. Oh man, don’t live in a depression just because your desires are not getting fulfilled. Drop everything and take solace in his supreme feet.

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Should you forget the goodness of the past if someone harmed later

Sometimes, you break up the relationships because you think another person has done some sort of injustice or act of harm to you.

However, ideally, we should not forget the kind of good act. I want to tell you about an incident. When Shishupal was born, he was cursed to be killed by God Krishna.

His mother came to know this at the time of Shishupal’s birth itself. She prayed to Shri Krishna and pleaded with him not to kill her son.

Krishna agreed with the condition, “I would forgive his 100 mistakes, but after that, I can’t tolerate them.”

Shishupal started abusing Krishna, and God was smiling.

Once the 100 count was over, God Krishna killed him with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Krishna’s finger got hurt, and noticing this, Draupadi instantly took a piece of her sari and tied Krishna’s finger.

When Dussasan made an attempt to strip Draupadi’s clothes, Sri Krishna came as her saviour, and she reciprocated his kindness.

Shri Krishna said, “When I was hurt during the Shishupal killing, you tied your sari thread to save me. By safeguarding you here, I have only paid the instalment of your good deed.”

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What if I am good at nothing? NOTHING.

Absolutely. That’s the exact feeling I woke up with today.

If I ask some people who know me well what I am good at? They will undoubtedly tell me about some or other things that they feel I am good at.

But what if I am not enjoying the things that I am good at?

Shall I continue doing things that someone else thinks I am good at or shift gears and pursue different crafts?

Shall I leave the work that doesn’t feel like work or an attempt at achievement? It doesn’t feel like anything close to what I dreamt about it.

I recall the days when I decided to quit Zee in pursuit of being able to take breaks and not feel pressured to produce results constantly.

It is pretty OKAY to feel like you are good at nothing from time to time so that you can reflect on your own skills, interests, and passions to uncover what you might be good at or enjoy doing.

What do you do for self-discovery and experimentation to find your strengths and areas of expertise to find the pursuits that don’t feel like work and bring you joy?

I am WAITING for your thoughts, ideas, and actions. PLEASE.

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