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The significance of Red protruding tongue of Goddess Kaali

Raktabija was awarded the boon that whenever a drop of his blood will touch the ground, a great austerity, in that very same place a new

Raktabija would be born with the same vitality, courage and strength with the same capacity to captivate the mind. Raktabija literally translates as the Seed of Desire.

See how he manifests in action. In order to accomplish his desire, he multiplies into countless new desires with the same intensity, the same capacity of captivating the mind, all of which seek fulfilment as well.

As we find desire for one thing, one drop of blood has touched the ground, and immediately, automatically, a new ‘something’ is required in order to fulfil that desire. Another drop.

This goes on indefinitely, causing a continual necessity to act. Every time a Seed of Desire touches the ground, a new Seed of Desire is born in that very same place. Ultimately the entire earth has been filled with Seeds of Desire.

Divine Mother killed the demon by drinking up his blood before it falls on the earth and making him blood less. We in our life pray to Goddess Kaali for garnering her blessings to help us kill the seed of desire from our mind before it  gives birth of another desire.