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Do Good

Don’t overwork. It’s not worth it

I use to work usually 12 – 14 hours. Once my father visited us. He observed me every day going early to work and returning very late. One Sunday, he asked: “Are you running away from you or genuinely working so much?”

My wife replied, saying he comes a bit early because of him being here with us.

He said: “Today, you are working hard to make money. Tomorrow you will need to work harder to arrange the money for medical expenses.” His thoughts changed my lifestyle and working habits forever.

Most people write “think big,” “change the world,” “be prudent,” “work hard,” “peddle fast and focus,” as a must for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It makes you so stressed that you start putting in extra hours, stop caring about your health and struggle to stay closer to your loved ones.
Don’t kill yourself — you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to create a more meaningful life. If you feel down and out, stop it.

Call me if things get too stressful. Or more importantly, make sure you take sleep for 8 hours and relax.

A relaxed body and calm mind boost your concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, better health and decreases mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness.

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क्या आपने कभी विश्राम किया है?

भगवान शिव क्षीरसागर से निकले हलाहल का पान कर लिए। पीने के बाद देवता लोग आए और पूछे,”प्रभु आपने विष का पान किया तो आपको डर नहीं लगा?”

शिवजी ने पूछा, “यह हलाहल विष कहाँ से आयी?”
देवता बोले, “समुद्र मंथन से।”
शिवजी ने पूछा, “समुद्र मंथन किसने किया?”
देवता, “जब सारे देवता थक गए तो सागर के स्वामी भगवान विष्णु ने स्वयं।”
शिवजी, “तो आप समझो – भगवान विष्णु स्वयं ही इसे पी लेते लेकिन उन्होंने मेरे पास भेज दिया। मैं तो राम राम जाप रहा था और उन्होंने विष भेज दिया। मैं तो इसे मेरे राम का प्रसाद समझकर पी लिया और विश्राम पा लिया।”

तो आपके पास जो भी है, जो भी आए उसे भगवान का प्रसाद समझ कर पान कर लीजिए, सहजता से विश्राम की अवस्था में सदैव रहेंगे।

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डिसेबल्ड ऑनबोर्ड – ड्राइव केयर फ़ुली

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार

कल एक वाक्या हुआ – ऑफिस से वापस आते समय एक कार दिखी जिस पर लिखा था, “डिसेबल्ड ऑनबोर्ड – ड्राइव केयर फ़ुली।”

मैं थोड़ा ठहर गया। गाडी धीमी कर ली। हॉर्न नहीं बजाया या साइड लेने की कोशिश नहीं की। कुछ समय उनके पीछे चलता रहा। अगले मोड़ पर उन्होंने मेरे तरफ़ देखी और मुस्कुरा दिया और मेरे भी चेहरे पे मुस्कान बिखर गयी।फिर, मन में एक ख्याल आया – कितने लोग होंगे जिनके मन के अंदर कुछ दर्द होंगे, जिनके शरीर में पीड़ाएँ होंगी, एक चाह होगी की कोई मेरी बात सुन लेता, एक इच्छा होगी की कोई मेरा दर्द बाँट लेता।

तो फिर हमें एक साईन बोर्ड की क्यों जरूरत पड़ती है, क्या इंसान को एक साईन बोर्ड डालनी शुरू कर देनी चाहिए? क्या हम कुछ पल यूँही ठहरकर किसी का दर्द सुन या समझ नहीं सकते। क्यों हम इंसान दूसरे के आँखों में लरजते आंसू को देख और पोछ नहीं सकते।

क्यों नहीं? जरा सोचियेगा।

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Take Off

I was badly stuck in my life. There were problems, but there were no answers coming. It felt like a never-ending road.

I went to my father for advice. Without giving ears to what I was going through, he said ‘take off.’

Both figuratively and literally, take. Off.

Take off in the direction of your dreams.

Take off and explore the world because getting out of your comfort zone will help you find your voice, your values, and the very things that make you you.

Take off over that hypothetical ledge, because you’ll be surprised at how much you’re capable of.

The rest is history — whenever I get stuck, I remember what my father advised, and I take off without thinking too much about where it will land.

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Influencing the fate by timing children birth

These days it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to decide the birth date and time of new born babies. As medical science enables us to do so through the Caesarean section, people believe that they can influence fate.

Your fate, your deeds and dealings are pre decided by the cosmos at the time when you are conceived in the womb.

The position of the sun and the moon, the zodiacal sign into which the sun had entered, the position of the seven other planets, the day of the week as well as the day of the lunar month, all these are turned out to be propitious.

The only way to turn the fate into positivity is through the devotion, prayer, righteous deeds, compassion and gratitude towards all being.

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Just move forward

You don’t lack creative ideas, you lack the focus to move forward

He asked, “I see there seems to be a mysterious conspiracy in favor of our competitors and it seems I am just unlucky.”

I replied, “To maximize the probability of success, it is imperative to set yourself up with an environment where you can focus on your goals and eliminate paths that push you to easily allow you to quit. Most things don’t show up the results because we quit at 90%.”

I must tell you, “Just move forward. It just needs one push with full focus and force.”

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Pictures in your mind make the character

When we see a wall picture of good people, it helps us develop a positive mindset, which catapults into the development of good character.

In India, it is advised to keep pictures of people like Ram, Krishna, Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc., so that mothers see them and adore their characters, which helps give birth to high-character and intelligent children.

Beginning today, place the frame of your favourite God or people, watch it from time to time, and think about their good deeds.

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An ardent devotee

Arjuna asked: My Lord! Which are the better devotees who worship you, those who try to know you as a Personal God, or those who worship you as Impersonal and Indestructible?

Lord Shri Krishna replied: Those who keep their minds fixed on Me, who worship Me always with unwavering faith and concentration; these are the very best.

Those who worship Me as the Indestructible, the Undefinable, the Omnipresent, the Unthinkable, the Primeval, the Immutable and the Eternal, Subduing their senses, viewing all conditions of life with the same eye, and working for the welfare of all beings, assuredly they come to Me.

But they who thus fix their attention on the Absolute and Impersonal encounter greater hardships, for it is difficult for those who possess a body to realise Me as without one. Verily, those who surrender their actions to Me, who muses on Me, worship Me and meditate on Me alone, with no thought save of Me, O Arjuna! I rescue them from the ocean of life and death, for their minds are fixed on Me.

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Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow

When you look around at the successful people with a great amount of wealth, almost without exception, they have done things that they love to do and by doing what they love, they have made money.

It’s like when you love your work; you do superb work, you indulge in it with the passion and that entails great results.

Forcing does not work in the long term. Most of the time when I meet people in the interview, I ask – “you don’t have competency or interest, still why do you want to do it?”

The usual reply – “Sir, I will get to learn and obey your instructions to meet your job expectations.”

I have seen these kinds of people mostly fail because they force themselves into the work, that they don’t love just for the heck of it.

Some things that attract your interest are extra curricular activities – I love writing, reading scriptures, practicing yoga, etc. but none of those are my mainstream income thing.

I do these to attain mental and spiritual solace – these make me feel calm and well. I can’t do this stuff for 8 hours. I never thought of these activities to help me with my livelihood.

What do you love to do?

Leverage your mind and figure out a way to give value to others by doing what you love.

The money will follow. Somewhere, someone is getting rich doing exactly what you love to do.

Make a list of activities that are engaging and enjoyable to you.

Look around and find someone who makes a living with that activity and mentors them.

Be wise. Many times people ask me – “I want to quit my job and pursue what I love to do.”

Don’t leave your present job until you have another job already making money for you. I didn’t leave my former job until I was making enough from my alternate profession.

Money is a wise product of your actions. It’s like a bullock cart. Your action is like bullock – you can’t keep bullock behind the cart and move the cart. Connect your karma bull with the cart and let the money-cart follow you.

Bless yourself a wealthy day everyday!

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The easy button doesn’t exist

To accomplish the result, remember there will never be an Easy Button you can push to make everything instantly better. It takes time, constant focus and action.

Especially when you are already working hard and long, so what’s the big deal?

Simply tell yourself that you must continue to work hard for just a bit longer.

And think about heroics. Yes, waiting for the accomplishments can be seen as boring, but having the fortitude to accomplish it is courageous…

Bless yourself a courageous day today and everyday!

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Wake up and arise

Anonymous asked, “I am living under the fear, scared, in tears, struggles are eating up my insides, leaving me awake at midnight.”

Me, ” I know that you are afraid of being unwanted or being left out, feeling lost in the self-doubt
but remember that neither side of you lies in the unknown and up in the skies, that coincidence is a source of liberty and your freedom worth an infinity. Nature is holding it up for you to just wake yourself up and arise.”

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Activity manager vs results manager

“Caught up in a day to day” is one of the important reasons why businesses fail.

You’d have observed that you might have accomplished all your to-dos, completed all the activities that came in front of you, and you provided support to everyone who approached you saying “Do you have one minute?”

But, you’d have not achieved anything meaningful or valuable for your goals, or help you get to the next level.

It is because your time is consumed by wastes and distractions that you believe are necessary to address.

You forget what is important for you today that will help you shape your tomorrow.

What you need is to focus on your purpose like making profits or providing value to your customer and then aligning your people, activities, and actions to produce measurable results.

You must learn to focus people on the result which will give them the meaning of what they do and help your business fulfill the mission for which it exists.

And, while doing so, you’ll move from an activity manager to a result manager.

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3 questions to ask every day according to Deepak Chopra

“Take five minutes every day and just sit in silence. In that time, put these questions to your attention and heart:

Who am I?

What do I want for my life?

What do I want from my life today?

Then let go, and let your stream of consciousness, your quieter inner voice, supply the answers.

Then, after five minutes, write them down.

Do this every day and you’ll be surprised at how situations, circumstances, events, and people will orchestrate themselves around the answers.

This is the beginning of synchrodestiny.

Deepak Chopra

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Destiny or destination?

Just don’t let your doubts get the better of you when faced with inescapable situations

There are times in life when you question whether you have what it takes to be successful and times when you question whether all your sacrifices are worth it. In my dictionary there is only one answer – “Giving up is not an option.”

You won’t get the response from your potential customers, your team will fail at delivering projects on time, you’ll face customer dissatisfaction, you’ll get caught up in day to day, etc. etc.
These and there are several other inescapable situations in the life that keeps coming in the life.

In year 2008 when the world was struggling to fight the financial meltdown and depression, a legendary businessman opined me, “Whenever faced with the tough spot, my philosophy is to bow the head and let the storm pass by. Tomorrow will be another day and that would be mine.”

Recently, I came to know about the eagle, which has capability to fly at the highest length. When faced with the storm, an eagle goes at the top of the storm, floats there and allows the storm to pass underneath.

When I started up my entrepreneurial journey in 2010, I had a plan to leapfrog the success using my talent, skills, expertise and personal magic.

However, when inside the game the experience has been very different.

I believe the fun lies in being there and being around instead of mingling too much about the “destiny or destination”.

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Despair and self-pity is unworthy of you (Bhagavad Gita Ch.2.1-2)

Arjuna tells his confusions, doubts, and despondency to Krishna. Seeing Arjuna overwhelmed with pity, grief-stricken, and eyes full of tears, Shree Krishna displayed his discomfort saying, “On the path of liberation how have you fallen to despair and self-pity which is not a worthy of you?”

God Krishna uses the word anarya (unworthy). It’s a common find these days to see people boast of their profit, pleasure, and prestige at all times.

However, when the same person is approached for any social or economical favor, they will start cribbing about their inability citing many excuses.

We have stopped looking inward and instead of focusing on our inner qualities, we signify ourselves with the two legs, colored hair, and expensive attire. For all such pretenders of wealthy possession,

God Krishna wants to tell, “Don’t lock the door of the heavenly kingdom by refusing to eliminate your ego, self-will, and separateness. Get rid of these as they have no place when I live in your hearts.”

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