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Do Good

Tips for designing a better life

You can design a better life, if you only remember these few things…

Remember that you are a designer of your life.

To be a designer of your life, you must think about your life plan as a designer – what is your desirability to reap tangible and strategic outcomes.

Listen to you, people and the environment to find the inspirations that will be like a dewdrop to invoke your own intuition, creativity and confidence.

Remember that Not knowing is just fine

Awaken your genius within to learn, experiment, risk and have the attitude to feel “alright” even when you fail. Trust that one day you’ll be a perfect, fine and profoundly expert in your act.

Remember that being optimistic is like being alive
Whatever is not in your reach today is your opportunity to get tomorrow.

When you self-doubt, it’s better to start with “What if?” instead of wondering about “What’s wrong?” Believe and burst yourself for a better future

Remember that you can beat by going out and getting done.

Don’t ponder over things. Don’t procrastinate. Pull yourself out of your comfort zone. Go out of the building and learn from the world.

Everywhere around the wisdom is awaiting for you to come and learn.
Welcome the new, always.

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How to take inventory of your strengths

No one is an expert at everything, and, in fact, employers won’t expect you to be, as today’s job market requires subject matter expertise.

Use the attached template and prepare the inventory list of your strengths and preferences to guide the direction of your future. Ask yourself the following questions to understand where you excel and what interests you most.

– What are you great at?
– What are you not-so-great at?
– What do you think you can do in excellently, but it does not excite you?
– What were your passions that drove you to excel in it?

If you need to discuss anything specific, drop me a message. I can help you clear any doubt.

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The way of meaningful life

You may not be where you want to be but if you are at least trying you are better than everyone else who isn’t trying moving or making progress. Somewhere inside you is something special. You just need the courage to let it out.

To make meaning you need to change, and change is hard. Really hard. But, there is a solution… You can’t even change yourself 10 percent. But you can change 10 things about yourself 1 percent. Make tiny changes you can sustain. Unveil your better self in a meaningful way.

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ONE habit to progress to the next level

Have you lately felt like left out? Outdated? Inadequate? Incompetent?

If your subconscious said “YES” read on to regain your lost ground yet again developing the habits of consistent progress.

Tonight, before you go to bed, make a list of 3 important actions you could take to recreate yourself.

Set your alarm clock to wake up 30 minutes earlier and jump out of your bed to get started learning/doing things that can help you get to the next level to accomplish the planned activities for 30 minutes. You will build an inner urge to work further to finish the activity.

Repeat this habit for 2 days then 7 days, then 30 days and then its part of your daily habits.

Creating consistent progress just takes some effort to get going. But once you make it a habit, you’ll never look back.

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Why giving your 100% is not enough?

Anonymous asked, “I know of my job and I understand my career plan, I believe it’s like my calling and I give my 100% performance. Yet, I have not got the desired result. I don’t know what’s missing…”

I started reflecting on the probable reason and it brought my attention to the story of Draupadi. When Kauravas started pulling her saree, she tried to protect herself with all of her energy and capability, but she couldn’t. Feeling helpless she called Krishna and in spite of her constant calling help was not coming. Finally when a few yards of saree was left in her body, she gave up and surrendered to Krishna. Finally Krishna savoured his support and protected her.

After a few days Draupadi met Krishna she scolded in fury and complained for his delayed hearing. Krishna replied, “when you first called out for the divine, you also kept your hands firmly on your saree. Your ego was not ready to fully submit itself to the divine, and your faith was not strong enough to trust Krishna to come and save you.

It was only when you lost all sense of hope, that your ego had finally loosened its grip on the saree, that your heart allowed space for the divine to enter and work its charm. Only then, could I make my appearance and fulfil your need and desire.”

Its clear – to get 100% result you must have 100% divine faith and surrender yourself completely. Jai Shri Krishna!

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This is how I learn new technology and you can too

I have been learning technology since 1989 — first for education then job and now learning technology is like a hobby. Here is how I go about learning:

1. First understand the basic concept by visiting the documentation and use cases.

2. Second, I skim through online courses/tutorials at 1.5x/2x speed. I keep my focus on understanding the methods and processes used by the particular technology to achieve the result.

3. I start building applications based on learning. It immediately puts my skin in the game.

4. I start applying the learning if it is meaningful and relevant to the existing/new projects.

I achieve all of it within 20 hours to take first hand decisions about whether to pursue it further or skip it for a better alternative.

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God gives all needed and nothing I wanted

I realized that god has already given almost everything that we need but we continuously crave for it. When I think of strengths, it can be seen that god has given us many difficult situations in which we have learned to find the strength to sail through it. There are puzzles in life to solve and help me use my brain. I crave for more happiness but there are so many unhappy people around and that makes me so blessed child of the god. He showed us the path of action to work hard and gain wealth. He has given many opportunities to work as a special favor. God gave us the opportunity to help others and accumulate peace. This makes me realize that god has given all that we “need” without asking so that we do not trouble him with our “want”.

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Are you in the mine or mind of your customer?

I had an opportunity to read the research report which was conducted in the USA when the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was around the corner.
The question was “Name two “most important” events from the past 75 years of American history?”

The first survey was conducted two weeks before the media coverage peaked and about 30% of respondents chose 9/11 as a “most important” event.
Again the same survey was conducted 2 weeks after the 9/11 10th anniversary event and about 65% of respondents mentioned 9/11 as a “most important” event because media coverage peaked around and after the 9/11 event.

What this indicates about getting the client?

You must continuously educate your clients using videos, emails, WhatsApp messages, webinars, case studies, reports, etc.

I have recently won a client and wonderful friend on LinkedIn due to continuing interaction with people like you.

What are you doing today to be at the top of your customer’s mind? How else you have won your client’s attention?

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Are you a meeting villain?

What type of villain are you?

The Meeting Hog -The guy who never stops talking during a meeting, even if he has no point.

The Meet-Head -The person who loves meetings to the point where they want to schedule meetings to discuss meetings.

Mr. Late Arriver -The person who thinks he’s more important than everyone else and can, therefore, show up when he feels like it.

The Meeting Hijacker -The person with the ability to turn any meeting into a meeting about his project or goal

Ms. Agenda-Less -The person who schedules a meeting with no agenda or objective so nothing actually gets done

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Does team size matter?

Is it possible to put a large team to dig at 20 places 20 feet each and get water when we know that you need to dig 100 feet to get the water?

Do you think, nine ladies together can nurse a baby in one month instead of nine?

Bigger the team less the productivity. Amazon has two pizza rule – with focus on efficiency and scalability, it helps establish better coordination, learning, and ramp up time.

The advocacy for a large team is cited when the project is large. In such cases, it makes sense to have multiple teams based on milestones and then join them at a specific point.

While executing 100s of projects, I have experienced that having a larger team makes it slower wasting lots of time in learning and coordination.

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Putting things into place where it can thrive

As a  child I worked in farming and planting. Whenever seed is put into the soil, some will germinate, some will not and some will dry away after a few days.

Once I asked my father why this happens and he replied, “You can’t expect the seed to germinate and thrive somewhere it doesn’t belong.”

And now I realised that almost every aspect of life is like that only whether people, business, investment, relationship or many other things.

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You’re not the expert anymore

There was a time when you were considered expert based on the years of experience you have. It’s no more a truth even if you could do everything yourself.

Leadership in the new world is all about being clear about what you want and why. It is quite a lot less about how to do it. The ideal way to deal with your staff is to provide them the training, give them the freedom to deliver the result, and help them get unstuck if they hit the bottleneck (if asked).

If you develop people with correct instincts and principles, they will make the right decisions. Probably better ones than you would since they’re the experts. If they aren’t, you aren’t giving them the information they need to do that.

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Credibility boils down to two simple questions. First, do I trust myself. Second, am I someone who others can trust.

Stephen Covey talks about four “cores” that are key to building credibility.

1. Integrity
2. Intent
3. Capabilities
4. Results

Integrity and intent are character cores. Capabilities and Results are competency cores.

All four cores are necessary for credibility. A person of integrity that does not produce results is not credible. If you are not credible you are not trustworthy!

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Why go to college?

Go to college for the right reasons. Don’t take education as a gun held to your head. It’s a weapon in your hand.

Don’t go because you are afraid you won’t get the job but because you want to learn, because you want your thoughts to become conviction, because education is important for its own sake, because it helps you separate the right and the wrong.

And while you are there, read well, pay attention, get your hands on things that come to you.

Cram yourself with learnings, ideas, opportunities and associations; you can form there as that’s the thing no one can take away from you.

College is your compost to nurture the seeds of future success.”

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Every challenge is your opportunity to serve God

The whole cosmic is godliness and every challenge is your opportunity to serve the God.

After destroying Ashokvatika, the garden of Ravana where Sita was kept, Hanuman was presented in the court of Ravan. To punish Hanuman, Ravan ordered to burn his tale as thats the most loved organ of any monkey.

Hearing this Hanuman realized – “Ravan has certainly got this thinking because of the wish of God Ram and he certainly has some secret plan.”

The whole Lanka was burnt with the fire and Hanuman safely returned from Lanka.

Think of your challenges as God’s wish for getting sorted some specific purpose through you and don’t loose your patience and virtue in desperation.

Jai Shri Ram

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