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Do you mice or hunt for antelope everyday

Do you spend your every day chasing mice or hunting antelope?

You know that a lion can capture, kill and eat mice as well. But, I guess, it turns out that the lion knows the energy required to chase mice exceeds caloric content it will get from the mice and someday the lion will die of starvation.

But, a lion always looks out for capturing an Antelope in spite of it requiring more speed, strength and effort because once hunted Antelope provides enough meat and feast to the lion to relish it.

I was advised on these lines  by someone today and I found it greatly valuable. So, I am asking you this,

“Find out where you are spending all your time and burning all your energy? Is it to chase mice or hunt for Antelope? Are you going to die of starvation or relish the feast?”

Ask yourself..