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Here is how to find yourself when you are feeling lost

Enlightenment in life comes not by chasing the ultimate consciousness but by living stably in the self. Many in the world are multi-millionaires and billionaires, yet they are poor. When penniless, you crave to have Rs.10. Then you get Rs.10 and feel Rs.10 poor. Somehow you get Rs.100, and then you are Rs.100 poor. You remain poor even after having millions in your bank. The dissimilarities in public life are visible everywhere. People have so much money that they don’t have a place to keep it, and many don’t have a home to live in.

Everything in your life begins with how you feel. The very secret of enlightenment begins by remembering who you are. If you remember being kind, you will start feeling like a kind. If you think you are a master, you will feel like a master.

I remember a story narrated by my mother in my childhood. There was a king, and he had a dumb and spoilt son. One day he fired his son because of his misbehaviour and forced him to leave home.
For ten years, the king’s son lived the life of a homeless beggar in tattered and dirty clothes. He completely forgot that he was ever a prince.

The ageing king felt for his son and asked his prime minister to search for his son. While on the search duty, the prime minister found the king’s son, bare feet, lacerated with wounds begging for little money outside a hotel. He immediately recognized the king’s son, bowed and said, “The king has pardoned you and asks you to return to your kingdom.” Within no time, the son threw away his begging bowl and became a king. He ordered the prime minister to bring him a pair of good shoes and kingly clothes and arrange his bath immediately. Everyone who humiliated him a while ago gave him started obeying him. A person in the crowd reminded him of what he was a moment ago, “How is it you forget us in a moment?”

The prince replied, “I remembered you as long as I had forgotten who I was. Just now I have remembered I am prince so, I forget I am a beggar. Now, I remember, I am a king and I have always been a king.”
You would have heard about fake it till you made it. It applies here — If you continue to remember who you are, there is no need for any practice or reminder for any external forces to remind you of who you are. If you have forgotten your real self, remember who you are and see yourself transforming.

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