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Live Well

Don’t overwork. It’s not worth it

I use to work usually 12 – 14 hours. Once my father visited us. He observed me every day going early to work and returning very late. One Sunday, he asked: “Are you running away from you or genuinely working so much?”

My wife replied, saying he comes a bit early because of him being here with us.

He said: “Today, you are working hard to make money. Tomorrow you will need to work harder to arrange the money for medical expenses.” His thoughts changed my lifestyle and working habits forever.

Most people write “think big,” “change the world,” “be prudent,” “work hard,” “peddle fast and focus,” as a must for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It makes you so stressed that you start putting in extra hours, stop caring about your health and struggle to stay closer to your loved ones.
Don’t kill yourself — you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to create a more meaningful life. If you feel down and out, stop it.

Call me if things get too stressful. Or more importantly, make sure you take sleep for 8 hours and relax.

A relaxed body and calm mind boost your concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, better health and decreases mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness.

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क्या आपने कभी विश्राम किया है?

भगवान शिव क्षीरसागर से निकले हलाहल का पान कर लिए। पीने के बाद देवता लोग आए और पूछे,”प्रभु आपने विष का पान किया तो आपको डर नहीं लगा?”

शिवजी ने पूछा, “यह हलाहल विष कहाँ से आयी?”
देवता बोले, “समुद्र मंथन से।”
शिवजी ने पूछा, “समुद्र मंथन किसने किया?”
देवता, “जब सारे देवता थक गए तो सागर के स्वामी भगवान विष्णु ने स्वयं।”
शिवजी, “तो आप समझो – भगवान विष्णु स्वयं ही इसे पी लेते लेकिन उन्होंने मेरे पास भेज दिया। मैं तो राम राम जाप रहा था और उन्होंने विष भेज दिया। मैं तो इसे मेरे राम का प्रसाद समझकर पी लिया और विश्राम पा लिया।”

तो आपके पास जो भी है, जो भी आए उसे भगवान का प्रसाद समझ कर पान कर लीजिए, सहजता से विश्राम की अवस्था में सदैव रहेंगे।

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आपका नेटवर्थ क्या है?

अगर हम अकाउंटिंग के दृष्टिकोण से देखें तो आपके पास जो सम्पत्ति है उसमें से आप की जो देनदारी है उसे घटा दें तो आपकी नेटवर्थ पता चलता है, यानी आपकी आर्थिक ताक़त क्या है !

आजकल क़र्ज़ और क्रेडिट कार्ड के माध्यम से गाड़ी, घर, फ़ोन, विदेशों में छुट्टी, इत्यादि की होड़ सी लगी हुई है। जिसके कारण हमारे ऊपर देनदारी ज़्यादा होती है और हमारी नेटवर्थ नेगेटिव ही रहती है। यह इसलिए होता है की हम आर्थिक प्लानिंग की ज़रूरत ही नहीं समझते।

आप थोड़ी मेहनत कीजिए – अपना नेटवर्थ का लेखा जोखा लीजिए, अपने आने वाले दिनों के ज़रूरतों का आकलन कीजिए, आपके कमाई के श्रोत को समझिए और फिर अपने ध्यान इस ओर केंद्रित कीजिए ताकि आपकी कमाई बढ़े और ख़र्च काम हो। नेटवर्थ हर दौर में कमाल की बात रही है और रहेगी।

इन तीन क्षेत्रों पर ध्यान दें और अपनी योजना बनायेंगे तो आपका नेटवर्थ बढ़ना भी शुरू हो जाएगी:

१) अगर आप हिसाब लिख सकते हो तो पिछले ३ महीने में आपने कहाँ कहाँ पैसे ख़र्च किए हैं उसका हिसाब लिखो।हर कुछ चाय, कॉफ़ी, कपड़े, यात्रा, बाहर का खाना, क़र्ज़ की इन्स्टॉल्मेंट, सब कुछ।
२) फिर एक सोच बनाएँ की आप अपनी कमाई का कम से कम १०% हर महीने बचत कैसे कर सकते हैं।
३) अगर नहीं कर सकते तो ३-६ महीने की योजना बनाओ और कम से कम १०% बचत करना शुरू करो।
फिर देखो २-३ सालों में आपकी आय भी बढ़ेगी, ख़र्चा भी कम होगा और बचत भी रहेगी। नेटवर्थ तो पॉज़िटिव होनी ही है।

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When things go wrong

“You cannot salvage once things go bad, it’s like curd cannot be made out of spoilt milk”

Some problems cannot be solved but many others can, if you look at solving it

1. Don’t give up before assessing it thoroughly. Say to yourself “It’s worth you solve it.”

2. Frustration will drive away your focus. Keep your cool and keep bringing  your focus back.

3. Find the systems, process and procedure that led to the problem. Look at finding the way to avoid similar situation in future.

4. Don’t play a blame game.

5. “We have to be back onto the earth safely. Failure is not an option.” Be the team player and make everyone accountable and fix their role.

6. Take ownership like responsible captains do.

7. Step by step solution – solve the easy ones first.

8. Be optimistic. You need to put hard work, adaptation, experimentation and iteration. But, you must do it.

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Be the grace

Anonymous asked, “It feels like lately I’ve been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. My problems are too heavy to bear. I am gradually succumbing to this feeling that the world is nothing but a problem fighting battlefield for me.”

I replied, “Just surrender yourself like the most responsible child that god has put his faith in you to be the bearer of some of his troubles. God wants to see some of his problems to be solved through you.

Just walk every step knowing that everything is safe there. Show your love. Show your strength. Guide yourself listening to your heart and move forward. You’d know which way to go even when you’re stuck at crossroad. Be the grace. Be everything.”

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Influencing the fate by timing children birth

These days it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to decide the birth date and time of new born babies. As medical science enables us to do so through the Caesarean section, people believe that they can influence fate.

Your fate, your deeds and dealings are pre decided by the cosmos at the time when you are conceived in the womb.

The position of the sun and the moon, the zodiacal sign into which the sun had entered, the position of the seven other planets, the day of the week as well as the day of the lunar month, all these are turned out to be propitious.

The only way to turn the fate into positivity is through the devotion, prayer, righteous deeds, compassion and gratitude towards all being.

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Pictures in your mind make the character

When we see a wall picture of good people, it helps us develop a positive mindset, which catapults into the development of good character.

In India, it is advised to keep pictures of people like Ram, Krishna, Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc., so that mothers see them and adore their characters, which helps give birth to high-character and intelligent children.

Beginning today, place the frame of your favourite God or people, watch it from time to time, and think about their good deeds.

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An ardent devotee

Arjuna asked: My Lord! Which are the better devotees who worship you, those who try to know you as a Personal God, or those who worship you as Impersonal and Indestructible?

Lord Shri Krishna replied: Those who keep their minds fixed on Me, who worship Me always with unwavering faith and concentration; these are the very best.

Those who worship Me as the Indestructible, the Undefinable, the Omnipresent, the Unthinkable, the Primeval, the Immutable and the Eternal, Subduing their senses, viewing all conditions of life with the same eye, and working for the welfare of all beings, assuredly they come to Me.

But they who thus fix their attention on the Absolute and Impersonal encounter greater hardships, for it is difficult for those who possess a body to realise Me as without one. Verily, those who surrender their actions to Me, who muses on Me, worship Me and meditate on Me alone, with no thought save of Me, O Arjuna! I rescue them from the ocean of life and death, for their minds are fixed on Me.

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The easy button doesn’t exist

To accomplish the result, remember there will never be an Easy Button you can push to make everything instantly better. It takes time, constant focus and action.

Especially when you are already working hard and long, so what’s the big deal?

Simply tell yourself that you must continue to work hard for just a bit longer.

And think about heroics. Yes, waiting for the accomplishments can be seen as boring, but having the fortitude to accomplish it is courageous…

Bless yourself a courageous day today and everyday!

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The best moment of your life is now

“Never regret the past, don’t worry about the future. Just enjoy the NOW!”
–Bhagwad Gita

The best moment of your life is now. Useless are the ones who keep regretting the past or the future.

One more thing – life is not about the period you live between your birth and death but, it’s about now and the next breath that you are going to take.

Live in this moment, feel this moment, feel the goodness, the positivity, the bliss and the wonders which are happening at this moment.

So this very moment, I suggest you close your eyes. Remain attentive in your inner self. Stay still but attentive.

Try to listen to your sensory organs – eyes, ears, touch, feel, listen, taste. You will become alive. You will begin feeling the power of now.

Remember, small steps that you are taking is going to be big and larger than life in near future.

Now, begin living in now…let this very moment be your very moment of now!

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Wake up and arise

Anonymous asked, “I am living under the fear, scared, in tears, struggles are eating up my insides, leaving me awake at midnight.”

Me, ” I know that you are afraid of being unwanted or being left out, feeling lost in the self-doubt
but remember that neither side of you lies in the unknown and up in the skies, that coincidence is a source of liberty and your freedom worth an infinity. Nature is holding it up for you to just wake yourself up and arise.”

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Helping your child grow

Surrounded by tools and gadgets, it’s challenging to find a fine system to help children grow. I was thinking of two ways:

Theory of constraints – let the child crave, fight and feel unfortunate but, never permit them to use gadgets, branded clothes or any other means of luxury as it may cause them to get spoilt.

I am personally brought up this way. A cycle, 2 pairs of cloth and less than Rs.2 as a pocket money.

Through empowerment – provide your kids best education, best gadgets and exposure to let him become an empowered citizen and he’d be able to find his pursuit.

Balanced way – facilitate whatever necessary and don’t spoil.

What is your style and recommendation?

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3 questions to ask every day according to Deepak Chopra

“Take five minutes every day and just sit in silence. In that time, put these questions to your attention and heart:

Who am I?

What do I want for my life?

What do I want from my life today?

Then let go, and let your stream of consciousness, your quieter inner voice, supply the answers.

Then, after five minutes, write them down.

Do this every day and you’ll be surprised at how situations, circumstances, events, and people will orchestrate themselves around the answers.

This is the beginning of synchrodestiny.

Deepak Chopra

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Protect yourself from  the wicked mind

Whenever I read Ram Charit Manas, I laugh reading the below couplet.

उदासीन अरि मीत हित सुनति जरहिं खल नीति ।
जानी पानी जग जोरि बिनती करइ सप्रीती ।। 4

Tulsidas says, “Offer salutation with joined palms to the wicked ones who has inherent nature to carry out divisive agenda and always fire their inner self with jealousy, ill-will, and cunningness whenever they hear the welfare, wellness, and wellbeing of anyone whether they are their friend of foe. “

So, there are some of those who are born with it and you cannot change their nature.

The only thing you can do is fold your hand and keep them at your side so that the effects of their ill-will is lesser on you and you remain protected.

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It’s a great skill to put straight “what you are doing and how’s it going to help?”

Deborah DiSanzo, now the CEO of Philips Healthcare and erstwhile Executive of  Hewlett Packard, was working on an incredibly complex system that was designed to deal with operating room procedures.
Bill Hewlett came to visit, and he asked to her, “So, what does this do?
She said, “Oh, it’s the most incredible technology and it’s really amazing.”
He quipped, “No, I mean what does it do?
She replied, “Well, it uses ideas to bring information. “
He asked with dissatisfaction, “But, what is it doing?”
Finally, after the fourth time, he said it very loud and sharply, “What does it do? “
And in desperation, Deborah said, “It saves lives.”
He said, okay, carry on. That’s a wonderful illustration of what it means to think about the end product of what you’re doing, not about how hard you worked at it, and the activities you’re going through.

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