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Win Hearts

Win Hearts

Gratitude always

One night, a thief entered the hut of a sage. He was writing a letter, so he looked at the thief and said, ”For what have you come? What do you want?”

And this sage was so innocent that even the thief couldn’t tell a lie. So he said, ”Looking at you, so mirror-like, so innocent like a child, I cannot tell a lie. Should I tell the truth?”

The sage said, ”Yes.”

He said, ”I have come to steal something.”

The sage said, ”There in that corner I have got a few rupees. You can take them” – and then he  focused on to write his letter again.

The thief took the money and was trying to leave and then the sage said, ”Stop! When somebody gives you something you should thank him. The money may not be of much help, but thanking a person will go a long way and will be of help to you. So thank me!”

The thief thanked him and disappeared into the dark.

Later on the thief was caught, and it was discovered that he had been to this sage’s hut also, so the sage was called to the court.

The sage said in court, ”Yes, I know this man very well – but he has never stolen anything from me. I gave him some rupees and he thanked me for them. It is finished, there was nothing wrong. The whole thing is finished, the account is closed. I gave him some money and he thanked me for it. He is not a thief.”

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Desirelessness is the best boon

A man went into worshipping God Shiva to seek his blessings to fulfil his desire. After several years of God Shiva got pleased and granted him three boons.

God Shiva said “You can fulfil your three wishes, i grant you three boons.”

The man forgot what he wanted and after lots of thinking he remembered. He asked for the first wish “His wife should die immediately.”

His wife died instantly.

Seeing his wife dead he started feeling sad so he requested God to fulfil his second wish “Please revive my wife again.” His wife got her life back.

God warned “Now you have only one boon left. So, ask your third boon.”

Man got confused and was unable to decide. He took years but could not decide. Finally he asked God, “I am not able to decide, you please help.”

God said “There can be only one wish, one desire which is worthwhile. Ask for desirelessness, otherwise nothing is worthwhile.

Whatever you ask, the next moment you will want something else, even just the opposite of the first.”

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How to turn dreams into reality with wisdom, devotion and action?

Like me, have you ever wondered why some people turn their dreams into reality while many others keep saying that dreams are not meant to be true?

The difference lies largely in how you apply the wisdom, devotion and action. 

This has been shown pretty well in Ramayana and helps me rewire my brain.

Kaushalya, mother of God Ram, was an embodiment of wisdom. Throughout her life, she conducted herself wisely and enlightened life.

Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman, was full of devotion. She handed over Lakshman for Ram’s service and never demanded anything for herself.

Kakayi, the mother of Bharat, was an action-oriented person. Her actions were misguided as she went into the company of Manthara, and influenced by her ill-will, she demanded the fulfilment of her two boons to send Ram to the forest for 14 years of exile.

Spending one minute focusing on this prompt: “Whatever you are doing right now, is it aligned with the right wisdom, devotion and action? 

Is it what will wake you up tomorrow, will take you where you want to be next year, how others will see you, and what your life will look like?”

Just one minute of reflection will align your thinking, feeling and action the way your best self would for converting your dreams into reality.

Sounds like work! Try it.

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Live yourself. Live honest. Live present.

Last week, I was hosting TiE entrepreneurs over “business builder breakfast”. Post the event, I was interacting with a guy and he said “you’ve spoken and answered with such a simplicity that it made us feel like entrepreneurship is nothing except our everyday life. Your words were so close to your heart and we stayed connected throughout.”

My life experience says – live yourself and there are ample amount of people who will connect, conduct and care for you. Live honest and see yourself at the top list when people think of trust, credibility and loyalty. Live present and enjoy the moments as gifted to you and keep engaging, interacting and solving real issues with real self.

Have a blessed day!

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Practitioner of righteousness

Bringing righteousness to your side means you’re aware of the pains of others, doing good and stopping any matter of pride holding onto your mind. 

Vivekananda before leaving India to visit America, visited Maa Sharada to seek her permission. He quipped, “Maa, I am leaving for America. Please grant me your permission and blessings.”

Sharada, “Why are you going to America? What are you going to do there?”

Vivekananda, “I am going to spread the message of righteousness to the citizens of that country.”

Sharada pointing her finger to the knife nearby asked, “Please handover the knife to me.” Vivekananda obliged.

Sharada, “You have my blessings! You are prepared to spread the message of righteousness.”

Wearing surprise on his face, Vivekananda asked, “Maa, I want to know if there was any connection between you asking for the knife and your blessings to declare me eligible for spreading the message of righteousness to the masses.”

Sharada replied, “I wanted to know the way you handle the knife while passing it to me. Any ordinary man  would do it indifferently. He will hold the handle of the knife in his hand and pass it with the blade directed toward the one who asks for it. But you held the blade of the knife in your hand and its handle was directed toward me. It shows that you understand the depth of righteousness and you are prepared to spread it to the world. Stay blessed, my son!”

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Turning Lessons  Into Conviction

Four people whom I am indebted for teaching me great lessons that helped me turn them  into conviction.

My father who invested umpteen amount of time and efforts narrating the mythological stories, scriptures and verses during my early childhood. Resting on his lap, sometimes, I used to feel, why is he teaching me such boring things?

My High School teacher who introduced the business by distinguishing two different Pakoda vendors. One who puts right kind of ingredients and fries with right flame to make it delicious and the other one who just uses same ingredients and fries in any flame to get it ready.

My first boss who taught me to work hard, very hard, very very hard. It was so hard that after spending 10 hours in office we must go to his home and work until midnight to help him with report preparations, etc.

My colleagues and friends at Sony Music and the kind of culture that the company pursue. It has left such a lasting impact on me that I dream of making my business closer to Sony Music culture and that would be the biggest tribute of my life.

Subhash Chandra at Zee and his courage to facilitate an unconditional support to allow me to try entrepreneurial acumen.

The lessons from these masters begin to turn as conviction beneath which I have carved my life. Lessons from my father has helped me gain so much of reputation as I can contextually relate everything with teachings of our scriptures and mythological references.

I realise that we should not stop receiving lessons from wherever it may come. Whether we use it today or not isn’t important. The important is that we maintain a lesson bank and whenever we need to solidify our thinking, withdraw some lessons from the bank. Once you experience their usability, it will turn as your conviction. Let there be the conviction.

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Should you forget the goodness of the past if someone harmed later

Sometimes, you break up the relationships because you think another person has done some sort of injustice or act of harm to you.

However, ideally, we should not forget the kind of good act. I want to tell you about an incident. When Shishupal was born, he was cursed to be killed by God Krishna.

His mother came to know this at the time of Shishupal’s birth itself. She prayed to Shri Krishna and pleaded with him not to kill her son.

Krishna agreed with the condition, “I would forgive his 100 mistakes, but after that, I can’t tolerate them.”

Shishupal started abusing Krishna, and God was smiling.

Once the 100 count was over, God Krishna killed him with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Krishna’s finger got hurt, and noticing this, Draupadi instantly took a piece of her sari and tied Krishna’s finger.

When Dussasan made an attempt to strip Draupadi’s clothes, Sri Krishna came as her saviour, and she reciprocated his kindness.

Shri Krishna said, “When I was hurt during the Shishupal killing, you tied your sari thread to save me. By safeguarding you here, I have only paid the instalment of your good deed.”

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Want to be happy, do all (or at least some)

Want to be happy, do all (or at least some) of these things today and everyday:

Love as if you will live forever.
Work as if you have no need for money.

Dream as if no one can say no.
Have fun as if you never have to grow up.

Sing as if no one else is listening.
Care as if everything depends on your caring.

…and raise a banner where a banner never flew.

If not now, when?

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Discovering People’s Power

Throughout the years, I meet candidates that have overestimated as well as underestimated abilities, but to find it myself. I ask them: “Tell me something that happened at work in the last year that made it a truly great day.”

By asking this question I try to strike two goals – Gauge the kind of accomplishment that brings the glow in the eyes of the candidate that helps me make the decision by seeing it and second it helps me discover the prowess through which this candidate draws the power.

I do this because I know that , “Technology changes. Business model change.

For the long-term success of both the employee and me, I need to know the interests that fuel the person, more than their last achievement.” Try this simple trick to see where the love of work is coming from and the very depth of what inspires them.

I believe, the root of Herogiri and what makes you powerful lies in the interests that can keep you awake while dreaming.

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A dialogue in happiness

The Infinite is only immortal and will never pass away; it remains forever; but whatever is finite is temporary and will get destroyed.

“Dad, everyone is looking for happiness. But what is meant by happiness?” a boy asked his father.
“One of the signs of happiness, son, is that a person who has it becomes active. A person who does not get afflicted by profit or loss, death or life, glory or ignominy are the true pursuer of happiness. There is no true joy in anything which is small, finite or material. I can tell you that the Infinite alone is happiness; but you must desire to understand this Infinite, my son.”
“I want to understand it, Dad,” said boy.
“Good,” said his father. “Then you listen carefully – When a person sees that nothing and no one is separate from him, that he is one with all the people, animals, and objects in the universe, when a person sees and hears and knows nothing else — that is the Infinite.
“But, if one sees or feels some other thing, obstructing him, separating him, then that is the finite. He has not yet found the Infinite.

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Read Realise Render Relay

Today, I just remembered what my father told me frequently. It was about making personal growth happen to get you to your goals.

Read – He’d said, “Acquire the knowledge from all sources and senses. Never avoid the knowledge acquisition.”

Realise – Knowledge acquired by you remains merely information until you reflect on it and pick up the things that you are going to use for yourself. If it’s irrelevant, leave it aside.

Render – Apply the learning to get things done in a way that gets you a better result. It would help to consider making your work better, more efficient, and meaningful with the ideas you gained through the realisation of knowledge.

Relay: When you apply your ideas to your work, and it makes you a better person, you share that with the world. 

He used to warn us — Never pass the information just because you heard, read or got access to it unless you have your own experiences with it.”

In Hindi “Suno Samjho Karo air Kaho”

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अनमोल वचन

किसी भी व्यक्ति के गुण दोष की आलोचना करने से परहेज करें। हमारा काम सिर्फ सेवा करना है। कर्मो का निर्णय करना नहीं।

किसी को कभी भी अगर आपकी सेवा की आवश्यकता हो तो अवश्य करें।

आपके बारे में दूसरा क्या सोचता है इसकी चिंता करने की जगह अपने विचार इस पर केंद्रित करें की आप अपने मनोबल का विकास करें, अपने दृष्टि में खुद ओ अच्छा महसूस करें, बड़ा बने। महान बने।

दुसरो की बातें सुनें, उसपर विचार करें, सोचे और ठीक लगे तो उसे मानने में हिचक मत करें।

सब का सम्मान करें, पर खुद को भी सम्मान मिले ऐसी अपेक्षा मत रखें।

उपकार के बदले उपकार की उपेक्षा करना वाणिज्य होता है। उपकार करने वाले कभी बदले की आशा नहीं रखते।

स्पष्ट बोलो। सत्य बोलो लेकिन कटु सत्य जो किसी के भावना को दुःख पहुंचाए उससे यथासंभव परहेज रखो।

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Celebrate life

The more you praise and celebrate your life the more there in life to celebrate.

Our everyday life is quite monotonous.

Waking up, exercising, eating, going to work, rest and sleep. Living monotonous makes life boring.

In every culture, celebrations are created so that we can enjoy the joyous setting.

Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas and many more.

These are our opportunity to elevate our spirit by meeting, greeting, splurging and connecting with the things that brings smile on our face.

We can also celebrate everyday by doing some small things like birthdays, meeting friends, appreciating good work and also doing things that can help mood elevation.

Don’t wait for opportunities, just keep an eye on small happenings and seek ways to celebrate it.

Lets live celebrated.

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Finding happiness

In life, each one of us think, crave and live for happiness. Its our no.1 desire. But, many of us struggle to be happy as life challenges keeps stealing away our happiness.

In my experience, if we stay connected with our near and dear ones, stand up and fight the adversity and be thankful to whatever we have can certainly be more happy.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

I know you’d be thinking that finding happiness is challenging but if you hate the world then its daunting. The secret of happiness lies in keep finding the moments while things keep happening around.

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The whole world is my well

A frog born and lived in a well for a long time. One day another frog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well.
Well, one day another frog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well.
“Where are you from?”
“I am from the sea.”
“The sea! How big is that? Is it as big as my well?” and he took a leap from one side of the well to the other.
“My friend,” said the frog of the sea, “how do you compare the sea with your little well?”
Then the frog took another leap and asked, “Is your sea so big?”
“What nonsense you speak, to compare the sea with your well!”
“Well, then,” said the frog of the well, “nothing can be bigger than my well; there can be nothing bigger than this; this fellow is a liar, so turn him out.”
That has been the difficulty all the while, we all are sitting in our own little well and think the whole world is my well.
Source: Swami Vivekananda At the World’s Parliament of Religions, Chicago
11th September 1893

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