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Win Hearts

Win Hearts

Take a deep breath and let it go

Sometimes you get into the fight in love, friendship, and relationship for some acts that discomfort you.

Fighting makes you angry and your mind begin cursing and thinking negative about the person.

I would advise whenever you face such a situation, try to stop being angry and stop thinking wrong about the person. Just begin wishing that the other person will do no harm to you and he will begin treating you better.

The telepathy has it proven that when you begin thinking and wishing good the natural forces transmit the positive vibes to the other side influencing their mind to your favor.

In spite of all that positive thinking you can do, if still things don’t work out, you just have to let go and move on. Sometimes that’s all you can do. Take a deep breath and let go.

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Being Alive Now

Being Alive Now Rather Than Pondering For What May Happen After You Die

We live burdened – with worries, with anxiety, with uncertainty, with fear of failure and so many other things that we may not face in our life time. But, we are worried, burdened and scared of all things future. We live almost like in mess at all times.

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.” ~ Osho

Sometimes it is easier to be courageous in the face of a direct threat than it is to be courageous in our daily lives; but daily life is when courage matters most.

“Never worry about the fear of future until it strikes at you. Whenever trouble strikes, do whatever needed to get out of it.”  An Ancient Indian verse.

To be wide awake in the face of uncertainty and fear, to meet them with intensity, softness, intelligence, and peace, that is true courage.

Anyone can manage it. The journey of a thousand mile is only completed if you take your first step now…well you need to know the rest by discovering yourself!

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The God, elder, sage and master

Never ever put down the God, elder, sage and your master in an inferior situation.

During his exile God Ram met Sabri in the hermitage of sage Sandipani. After some time, other sages approached Ram and asked him to tour the surrounding areas of the hermitage.

When they reached near a river, the water was smelling bad.

Sabri requested Ram to touch the water of the river with his feet so that its smell gets removed. Ram followed the instructions, but after touching the water by his feet, the water started smelling more badly.

Sensing this Ram asked Sabri to touch the water so that its odour gets removed.

Realising that if it works then Ram will get inferior position Sabri was very reluctant to touch the water. Laxman realised  the dilemma of Sabri, he took the soil from below her feet and thrown it into the river. The water became pure and it’s smell  disappeared.

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Reward those who serve

Always Remember And Reward Those Who Serve

An ordinary looking 10 year old boy entered the ice-cream parlour and sat at a table. A waiter served a glass of water and asked him for the order.  “How much is a vanilla ice cream cost?”, he asked. “Rupees Fifty” replied the waiter.

The little boy pulled out money from his pocket, counted his money and asked, “Well, how much would the cup cost?”

People on the nearby tables were staring at the boy and the waiter was becoming impatient. “Rupees forty” he brusquely replied. “I’ll have an ice cream cup.” The boy confirmed the order.

The waiter brought the ice-cream and put the bill on the table. The boy finished the ice cream, paid the cashier and left.

When the waiter came back to clear the table, he could not stop his tears.  There, placed neatly beside the empty dish, were rupees ten left for the tip.You see, he couldn’t have the Ice-cream cone, because he had to have enough left to leave him a tip.

You see, he couldn’t have the Ice-cream cone, because he had to have enough left to leave him a tip.

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Destined for greatness

If you believe, you’re “Destined for Greatness”, do you remember when you looked  yourself in the “Mirror of Meaning”

Knowing where are you at this moment

Life is full of uncertainties and there are those personal, emotional and environmental situations that drag us into hopelessness, helplessness and out of control – whether it’s making a career choice, getting struck in a bad job, having a troubled relationship or many other things. You may be hanging there wishing that some miracle will save you without knowing that miracles doesn’t happen while waiting.

Knowing your speed breakers

When faced with speed breakers, we slow down allow ourselves to pass through it smoothly and again get into the speed. Do you know what’s going on in your life? Do you know what’s kept you at standstill? Do you know what’s depriving you from attaining your Greatness?

Rework your action plan

Today, look at the mirror of your meaning – today look inside you and find the piece of puzzle that you’re not able to solve. Rework your action plan.

Commit yourself to reclaim your greatness by achieving personal freedom and  to make a difference in the world. Also to live a better quality of life, a meaningful life; Its a must to eliminate the self and social oppressions. Reclaiming your greatness demands a new you! Look. Yourself in the mirror of meaning and be thankful for this experience. Commit..

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डिसेबल्ड ऑनबोर्ड – ड्राइव केयर फ़ुली

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार

कल एक वाक्या हुआ – ऑफिस से वापस आते समय एक कार दिखी जिस पर लिखा था, “डिसेबल्ड ऑनबोर्ड – ड्राइव केयर फ़ुली।”

मैं थोड़ा ठहर गया। गाडी धीमी कर ली। हॉर्न नहीं बजाया या साइड लेने की कोशिश नहीं की। कुछ समय उनके पीछे चलता रहा। अगले मोड़ पर उन्होंने मेरे तरफ़ देखी और मुस्कुरा दिया और मेरे भी चेहरे पे मुस्कान बिखर गयी।फिर, मन में एक ख्याल आया – कितने लोग होंगे जिनके मन के अंदर कुछ दर्द होंगे, जिनके शरीर में पीड़ाएँ होंगी, एक चाह होगी की कोई मेरी बात सुन लेता, एक इच्छा होगी की कोई मेरा दर्द बाँट लेता।

तो फिर हमें एक साईन बोर्ड की क्यों जरूरत पड़ती है, क्या इंसान को एक साईन बोर्ड डालनी शुरू कर देनी चाहिए? क्या हम कुछ पल यूँही ठहरकर किसी का दर्द सुन या समझ नहीं सकते। क्यों हम इंसान दूसरे के आँखों में लरजते आंसू को देख और पोछ नहीं सकते।

क्यों नहीं? जरा सोचियेगा।

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The Magic Bowl of Sadhu

One morning a Great Sadhu knocked at the door of a Great King and asked him to support him by filling his begging bowl with anything.

King was very kindled and happy to hear the Sadhu’s request. He ordered his staff to fill his bowl with Gold coins. The moment Gold coins were put inside the Bowl, instantly they used to disappear. Every time, the king’s staff will bring the the gold coin and fill in the Bowl, the Bowl will become empty. This keep on repeating until the evening.

The King’s treasury was emptied by the end of the day but the Bowl still remained empty.

Amazed by this mysterious and magical act, the King was asked the Sadhu humbly – “Please tell me the secret to fill this mysterious bowl”.

The Sadhu said “O King, this bowl is made from the heart of a Human. Nothing of this world can satisfy and fill a human heart.”

Name, fame, Power, Money, luxuries, etc. cannot fill your heart.

Your heart is made to love God and only love for God can fill the heart.

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Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow

When you look around at the successful people with a great amount of wealth, almost without exception, they have done things that they love to do and by doing what they love, they have made money.

It’s like when you love your work; you do superb work, you indulge in it with the passion and that entails great results.

Forcing does not work in the long term. Most of the time when I meet people in the interview, I ask – “you don’t have competency or interest, still why do you want to do it?”

The usual reply – “Sir, I will get to learn and obey your instructions to meet your job expectations.”

I have seen these kinds of people mostly fail because they force themselves into the work, that they don’t love just for the heck of it.

Some things that attract your interest are extra curricular activities – I love writing, reading scriptures, practicing yoga, etc. but none of those are my mainstream income thing.

I do these to attain mental and spiritual solace – these make me feel calm and well. I can’t do this stuff for 8 hours. I never thought of these activities to help me with my livelihood.

What do you love to do?

Leverage your mind and figure out a way to give value to others by doing what you love.

The money will follow. Somewhere, someone is getting rich doing exactly what you love to do.

Make a list of activities that are engaging and enjoyable to you.

Look around and find someone who makes a living with that activity and mentors them.

Be wise. Many times people ask me – “I want to quit my job and pursue what I love to do.”

Don’t leave your present job until you have another job already making money for you. I didn’t leave my former job until I was making enough from my alternate profession.

Money is a wise product of your actions. It’s like a bullock cart. Your action is like bullock – you can’t keep bullock behind the cart and move the cart. Connect your karma bull with the cart and let the money-cart follow you.

Bless yourself a wealthy day everyday!

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That’s a good question

Consider what happens when you ask someone a question and they respond, “That’s a good question.” Or they might respond, “That’s a curious question.”

Probably when reaction comes as, “That’s a good question” means the respondant has the answer ready .They may also genuinely think you’ve asked a good question — a question that has caused them to have a fresh thought.

When the response comes as, “That’s a curious question,” means his feeling is challenged. They either don’t have an an­swer at hand, or they feel the question itself is somehow a chal­lenge to their authority.

Powerful people controlled information as well as armies. Rulers controlled the story.

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3 questions to ask every day according to Deepak Chopra

“Take five minutes every day and just sit in silence. In that time, put these questions to your attention and heart:

Who am I?

What do I want for my life?

What do I want from my life today?

Then let go, and let your stream of consciousness, your quieter inner voice, supply the answers.

Then, after five minutes, write them down.

Do this every day and you’ll be surprised at how situations, circumstances, events, and people will orchestrate themselves around the answers.

This is the beginning of synchrodestiny.

Deepak Chopra

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Protect yourself from  the wicked mind

Whenever I read Ram Charit Manas, I laugh reading the below couplet.

उदासीन अरि मीत हित सुनति जरहिं खल नीति ।
जानी पानी जग जोरि बिनती करइ सप्रीती ।। 4

Tulsidas says, “Offer salutation with joined palms to the wicked ones who has inherent nature to carry out divisive agenda and always fire their inner self with jealousy, ill-will, and cunningness whenever they hear the welfare, wellness, and wellbeing of anyone whether they are their friend of foe. “

So, there are some of those who are born with it and you cannot change their nature.

The only thing you can do is fold your hand and keep them at your side so that the effects of their ill-will is lesser on you and you remain protected.

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Axe the ignorance

“Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don’t want to. But other things are harder.

Try it: “I’m not going to edit my resume, because it’s not a priority.” “I don’t want to go to the doctor because my health is not a priority.”

If these phrases don’t sit well, that’s the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don’t like how we’re spending an hour, we can choose differently.”

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Good relationships

I believe in, have confidence in, trust, am comfortable with, your association.

Have you ever looked at your eyes when someone said, “I believe in, have confidence in, trust, am comfortable with, your association.”

Whether business or personal, the relationships that has this kind of feeling works like magic. All the people you know, do business with and have long history are based on belief, confidence, faith and comfort. Everything else just takes care of and by itself.

If you wish to count such people, right now, you make a list of people whom you can invite to your home, show him your kitchen and your bedroom – those will be the kind of people I am talking about.

Similarly, make a list of people whom you think, he’d invite you to home, show you the kitchen and the bedroom.

Build some long term, trustworthy, faithful and dependable relationship else live just like an ordinary person.

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Conditioning your inner beauty with yoga and meditation

You use shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics and grooming to shine your look, but what about cleansing your interior look which is inflicted and rested by stress, fatigue,

clumsiness, crookedness, anger and many other anomalies?

The only instrument in the hands of mankind to clean and cleanse the inner self is through practicing, meditating and reflecting on the matters.

1. Learn and practice yoga exercises for conditioning your body and physical organs

2. Learn and practice Pranayam for developing inner awareness and breathing.

3. Meditate to reflect on self and develop inner awareness.

This is the way and only way to wholesome and holistic leaving!
Jai Shri Ram

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What if you depend on God like a baby monkey depends on her mother?

I found this picture of a baby monkey fully dependent on her mother to carry her everywhere in my phone gallery.

It reminded me of my own childhood when I was dependent on my mother.

A question appeared in my mind: ‘What if we possess the highest level of dependability in God like a baby monkey?”

What would happen if we take refuge in God without being worried whether God appears in front of me or not, whether he bestows his blessings in the hours of crisis or not, whether I am his favorite child or not.

My experience says that when I depend on God, it frees me from worries, it frees me from worldly responsibilities, it brightens the darkness surrounding me, and it sets me free from bondage.

And then the only thing I have to do — to withdraw myself to him, behold him by meditating upon him, reciting his name all the time, and serve God in all means and acts.

By this singleton thinking, I remain fully surrendered into his feet and happy with whatever he decides for me with his sweet will.

Experience it to become an experiencer.

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