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How to create peace and harmony

You’ve been complaining about the distractions and disturbances in your everyday life for a long while. You feel that distractions are the enemy of your accomplishments. Finding a place where you can get things done with focus is hard to find.

I can tell you there is no such place. Whether you go to the office, stay home, or run away to the forest, you’d face some kind of distractions everywhere.
I know a story: A man approached the master and pleaded for the secret mantra to help him fulfil his wishes. Master gave him the mantra and warned him to chant the mantra only at a place of absolute peace.

He started chanting at his home, but due to continuous disturbances, he could not continue it. He moved to the forest, sat beneath the tree and began his chanting. The birds started chirping, the animals were hounding, and the birds were dropping their shit on him from the top. Embarrassed by it, he moved to find another place. He found an empty field and decided to build a hut there for peaceful chanting. A saint approached him and warned him that the high wind might blow away his hutment. Scared of the high wind, he decided to return to his home and practice there itself.

If you truly want things to get done, you have to do it in your settings and situations. Stop wasting your time in search of a perfect place. There isn’t one. To live a peaceful life, you must create a peaceful and harmonious surrounding wherever you are now. Fleeing away is not a solution, but it’s a delusion that wanders in your mind.

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