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Do not choose

We all crave the joy of heaven. It is because the sufferings and misery inside hell are painted in our minds so deeply that we don’t want to live there.

Like our desire to become rich stems from the misery we know poor people suffer. You ask any rich person whether they enjoy being wealthy, and you will hear NO.

The virtuous good people feel they deserve special treatment because they condemn the sinners, not because of the good itself.

What if you find a man who says nothing is like this in hell, or he says that hell is better and more luxurious than hell?

What if you know the darker side of having luxury items, mansions and cool cars?

What if you face people considering you weak, you attract the wrong type of people, and people distrust you despite you being good to everyone?

Most of our acts are polarized against the good and the bad. Non-violence depends on violence, and light owes its existence to the darkness, and good grows in the soil of bad.

Krishna says to Arjuna – “The world is unity of opposites. Accept both the polarities, because both are there together. Go with them, because they are. Don’t choose!” Krishna advises pursuing choicelessness. Those who choose a part and deny another are bound to be in tension because despite denying it, the other part will always continue to be. And the irony is that the part we choose depends on its existence in the part we deny.

What do you think?