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You have made my day

“You have made my day” is a powerful compliment to give and receive. It tempts the feeling of kindness, humanity and realization that your act has made a significant difference in someone’s life. A genuine act of kindness can move the mountain, melt the iron and bring forward the irony of your humanity. I advise you to begin developing the habits of the following:

  • Being right is okay but only if it does not erode your being kind.
  • Choose your words wisely before speaking to provide listening pleasure.
  • You must gauge your level of effectiveness by the glow and smile your words have generated on a listener’s face.
  • Everyday, offer the prayer to the almighty to help those who need blessings to come out of the tough times and uneven terrain.
  • Don’t be serious. Each one of us needs a friend with whom you can act goofy.

From time to time, throw out your caring and compassionate best to make someone’s day. You will become happier, more acceptable, more delightful and more generous.

So, for whom will you make the day happy today?

What do you think?