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Ragupati Ragav Raja Ram Patit Pawan Sita Ram

Mahatma Gandhi used to conduct daily meetings. It will start with the song “Vaishnav Jan to taine kahiye”, followed by his speech on important topics and Q&A.

One day he was speaking about the power of Ram’s name chanting and how it helps him attain peace and clarity.

During the Q&A, a girl asked him a question, “Mahatma, I was also doing name chanting every day until I read Kabir couplet — the rosary rotating by the hand and the tongue-twisting in the mouth, With the mind wandering everywhere, this isn’t meditation anyway. Since then, I stopped the name chanting.”

Mahatma Gandhi replied: “You have asked an interesting question. One day a person purchased a bathing soap and carried it home. He handed it over to his wife, praising the aroma and usefulness of soap. He instructed his wife to place it safely in the cupboard.

Pointing to the specks of dirt on his body wife asked him to take the soap and take a bath. Merchant murmured angrily: “Don’t you think such a beautiful and aromatic soap will get dirtied when contacting these specks of dirt on my body?”
The wife replied with a smile: “The usefulness of soap’s beauty and aroma lies in cleaning and washing off the specks of dirt from the body; otherwise, what’s the use of it? ”

The moral of the story is whether you can get the focus or not, whether you can realise the benefits or not, and whether you can find substantial proof for name chanting; you continue to meditate on God’s name. It will certainly help you clear, cleanse, and attain focus. And most importantly, feel safe in the heavenly adobe of God.

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