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Swantah Sukhay Tulsi Raghunath Gatha

नानापुराण निगमागम सम्मतं यद रामायणे निगदितं क्वचिदन्यतोsपि ।
स्वान्तःसुखाय तुलसी रघुनाथ गाथा भाषानिबंध मतिमंजुलमातनोति ।

अनेक पुराण,वेद और शास्त्र से सम्मत, तथा जो रामायण में वर्णित है, और कुछ अन्यत्र से भी उपलब्ध, श्री रघुनाथ जी की कथा को, तुलसीदास अपने अंतःकरण के सुख के लिए, अत्यंत मनोहर भाषा रचना में विस्तृत करता है।

For the gratification of own self, Tulsidas brings forth this very elegant composition relating in common parlance the story of the Lord of Raghunath, which is in accord with the various Puranas, Vedas and the Agamas (Tantras), and incorporates what has been recorded in the Ramayana of Valmiki and culled from some other sources.

Tulsidas declares that he is writing the Ramcharit Manas for the gratification of his own self and even after 100s of years, it is still among the most prominent work. Most of our daily rituals, rules, social norms, and living principles as mentioned in the Ramcharit Manas.

Look at your life, look at the things you are doing, and look inside you. Are you doing things that gratify your own self? If not, meditate on it for a while, identify things which will make you feel gratified and start putting together your act.

You are born original don’t die a copy. Jai Shri Ram.

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