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आपका नेटवर्थ क्या है?

अगर हम अकाउंटिंग के दृष्टिकोण से देखें तो आपके पास जो सम्पत्ति है उसमें से आप की जो देनदारी है उसे घटा दें तो आपकी नेटवर्थ पता चलता है, यानी आपकी आर्थिक ताक़त क्या है !

आजकल क़र्ज़ और क्रेडिट कार्ड के माध्यम से गाड़ी, घर, फ़ोन, विदेशों में छुट्टी, इत्यादि की होड़ सी लगी हुई है। जिसके कारण हमारे ऊपर देनदारी ज़्यादा होती है और हमारी नेटवर्थ नेगेटिव ही रहती है। यह इसलिए होता है की हम आर्थिक प्लानिंग की ज़रूरत ही नहीं समझते।

आप थोड़ी मेहनत कीजिए – अपना नेटवर्थ का लेखा जोखा लीजिए, अपने आने वाले दिनों के ज़रूरतों का आकलन कीजिए, आपके कमाई के श्रोत को समझिए और फिर अपने ध्यान इस ओर केंद्रित कीजिए ताकि आपकी कमाई बढ़े और ख़र्च काम हो। नेटवर्थ हर दौर में कमाल की बात रही है और रहेगी।

इन तीन क्षेत्रों पर ध्यान दें और अपनी योजना बनायेंगे तो आपका नेटवर्थ बढ़ना भी शुरू हो जाएगी:

१) अगर आप हिसाब लिख सकते हो तो पिछले ३ महीने में आपने कहाँ कहाँ पैसे ख़र्च किए हैं उसका हिसाब लिखो।हर कुछ चाय, कॉफ़ी, कपड़े, यात्रा, बाहर का खाना, क़र्ज़ की इन्स्टॉल्मेंट, सब कुछ।
२) फिर एक सोच बनाएँ की आप अपनी कमाई का कम से कम १०% हर महीने बचत कैसे कर सकते हैं।
३) अगर नहीं कर सकते तो ३-६ महीने की योजना बनाओ और कम से कम १०% बचत करना शुरू करो।
फिर देखो २-३ सालों में आपकी आय भी बढ़ेगी, ख़र्चा भी कम होगा और बचत भी रहेगी। नेटवर्थ तो पॉज़िटिव होनी ही है।

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Take Off

I was badly stuck in my life. There were problems, but there were no answers coming. It felt like a never-ending road.

I went to my father for advice. Without giving ears to what I was going through, he said ‘take off.’

Both figuratively and literally, take. Off.

Take off in the direction of your dreams.

Take off and explore the world because getting out of your comfort zone will help you find your voice, your values, and the very things that make you you.

Take off over that hypothetical ledge, because you’ll be surprised at how much you’re capable of.

The rest is history — whenever I get stuck, I remember what my father advised, and I take off without thinking too much about where it will land.

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Just move forward

You don’t lack creative ideas, you lack the focus to move forward

He asked, “I see there seems to be a mysterious conspiracy in favor of our competitors and it seems I am just unlucky.”

I replied, “To maximize the probability of success, it is imperative to set yourself up with an environment where you can focus on your goals and eliminate paths that push you to easily allow you to quit. Most things don’t show up the results because we quit at 90%.”

I must tell you, “Just move forward. It just needs one push with full focus and force.”

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Axe the ignorance

“Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don’t want to. But other things are harder.

Try it: “I’m not going to edit my resume, because it’s not a priority.” “I don’t want to go to the doctor because my health is not a priority.”

If these phrases don’t sit well, that’s the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don’t like how we’re spending an hour, we can choose differently.”

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Destiny or destination?

Just don’t let your doubts get the better of you when faced with inescapable situations

There are times in life when you question whether you have what it takes to be successful and times when you question whether all your sacrifices are worth it. In my dictionary there is only one answer – “Giving up is not an option.”

You won’t get the response from your potential customers, your team will fail at delivering projects on time, you’ll face customer dissatisfaction, you’ll get caught up in day to day, etc. etc.
These and there are several other inescapable situations in the life that keeps coming in the life.

In year 2008 when the world was struggling to fight the financial meltdown and depression, a legendary businessman opined me, “Whenever faced with the tough spot, my philosophy is to bow the head and let the storm pass by. Tomorrow will be another day and that would be mine.”

Recently, I came to know about the eagle, which has capability to fly at the highest length. When faced with the storm, an eagle goes at the top of the storm, floats there and allows the storm to pass underneath.

When I started up my entrepreneurial journey in 2010, I had a plan to leapfrog the success using my talent, skills, expertise and personal magic.

However, when inside the game the experience has been very different.

I believe the fun lies in being there and being around instead of mingling too much about the “destiny or destination”.

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Location, location, and location

I was thrown a question:

Two people with relatively equal skills, graduated from same college, both were class toppers, both has similar domain knowledge, both know how to use their tools effectively – yet one still does better than other; one flourishes while the other strugles. Why so?

I remember, I was once told, only three things to consider when starting a new business—location, location, and location.

I thought on this a bit deeper about the location factor. In other words, not about “Where are you going to do?” but “Where are you going to be?”

Are you going to be in a place called fear, or in a place called love? Where are you —and where are you coming from—as you encounter life? Now, in the example of the two equally qualified workers, one is successful and the other is not, the real reason, I found;

One person is being open, friendly, caring, helpful, considerate, cheerful, confident, even joyful in his work, while the other is being closed, distant, uncaring, inconsiderate, grumpy, even resentful of what he is doing. Now suppose you were to select, what if you were to select between these two? What then would be your experience?

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How to turn dreams into reality with wisdom, devotion and action?

Like me, have you ever wondered why some people turn their dreams into reality while many others keep saying that dreams are not meant to be true?

The difference lies largely in how you apply the wisdom, devotion and action. 

This has been shown pretty well in Ramayana and helps me rewire my brain.

Kaushalya, mother of God Ram, was an embodiment of wisdom. Throughout her life, she conducted herself wisely and enlightened life.

Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman, was full of devotion. She handed over Lakshman for Ram’s service and never demanded anything for herself.

Kakayi, the mother of Bharat, was an action-oriented person. Her actions were misguided as she went into the company of Manthara, and influenced by her ill-will, she demanded the fulfilment of her two boons to send Ram to the forest for 14 years of exile.

Spending one minute focusing on this prompt: “Whatever you are doing right now, is it aligned with the right wisdom, devotion and action? 

Is it what will wake you up tomorrow, will take you where you want to be next year, how others will see you, and what your life will look like?”

Just one minute of reflection will align your thinking, feeling and action the way your best self would for converting your dreams into reality.

Sounds like work! Try it.

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Keep it sparkling

Really all you need is yourself. No one can really help you. You can only help yourself if you truly desire it. Saying someone else made you emotionally unstable is like saying you are only breathing because someone is doing it for you. You can save yourself. Every one has the opportunity to become the person they want to be. You only have to find the right path. Yes, it seems hard but if it were easy then it wouldn’t be very special when you finally receive what you are looking for.

There are people who will stand behind you but only you can make things happen. Hope you find the SPARKLE that is inside you.

Blame yourself. No one else. It is then you will truly be on your way up.

Keep It Sparkling!

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Determine who you want to me

Don’t waste yourself discovering WHO YOU ARE instead seek to determine WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

Our life has only one purpose, and that pupose is to experience the glory of life in fullest.

Everthing that we say, do or endeavor into is supplant to the quest of finding it. There is nothing else for our soul to do and nothing else our soul want us to do.

The wonder of this purpose is that it is never-ending – limitless, endless, boundariless yet purposeful journey. Should there come a moment in which we experience fullest glory, we will in that instant imagine an ever greater glory to fulfill. The quest for glory keeps growing like a fish in the sea never reaches the depth yet keeps reaching out for more deeper level.

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.

Let there be the god at your side to help you discover WHAT YOU WANT TO BE today and everyday!

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Sell your customers what they want, not what they need

Two friends walk into a boutique airport briefcase store and go in different directions of the store, one to the left and the other to the right.
There is only one salesman in the store; he has to decide whom to approach first.
He notices that one of the men already has a relatively new briefcase, only a few months out of date. However, the other man’s briefcase is practically falling apart – he needs a bag badly.
Who should the salesman approach?
If you said he should approach the man with the NEW briefcase, you are right.
It’s simple. The man with the old briefcase has made it clear that his suitcase is not important to him. Given the condition it’s in, he’s likely had many opportunities to replace it. Why would he replace it now and at such an expensive boutique shop?
However, the man with the new briefcase has shown interest. It’s clear he cares about having a stylish briefcase and may not be aware that he is already outdated.

The best potential customer is the one who has already shown interest.

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Live yourself. Live honest. Live present.

Last week, I was hosting TiE entrepreneurs over “business builder breakfast”. Post the event, I was interacting with a guy and he said “you’ve spoken and answered with such a simplicity that it made us feel like entrepreneurship is nothing except our everyday life. Your words were so close to your heart and we stayed connected throughout.”

My life experience says – live yourself and there are ample amount of people who will connect, conduct and care for you. Live honest and see yourself at the top list when people think of trust, credibility and loyalty. Live present and enjoy the moments as gifted to you and keep engaging, interacting and solving real issues with real self.

Have a blessed day!

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Swim or float, else die

Whether you are struck by mud or jump in the river, you cannot stand still. Are you feeling like you are stuck in the mud? You have to float and make a gradual effort to come out of it. On the other hand, when you’re in a river, then you have to swim.
Whenever you’re in an inescapable situation, you need to examine your situation and begin floating or swimming, depending on the situation, but you can’t just remain standstill.

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Do you have ownership of every moments of your business

Secretary, “Sir, prior to joining you as your secretary, I always dreamt of becoming Morgan. Now, after working with you even dreaming about becoming Morgan is like a horrible thing.”
Morgan, “Why? What is the problem? What makes you think this way?”
Secretary, “In your office peon comes at 9.30am, managers come at 10.30am, directors come at 12noon. They all leave office by 6pm. I feel being a peon in your company is more enjoyable than being the owner. You come at 7am and leave office only by 7pm. I don’t know why you are doing it?”
Morgan, ” Oh! You won’t understand the pleasure of being an owner. The pleasure of walking into the office as a owner can’t be compared to come at 930am and work as a peon. Because you’ve not lived this ownership life, you won’t know the pleasure either. The ownership is a kind of enjoyment that only owners can relish.”

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Thoughts on network well and standout

An easy checklist to network well and standout before you attend a networking event is:

– Write down your goals including kind of people you’d like to meet, ideas you’d like to validate,and leads you’d like to generate

– Find out the kind of people who can help you achieve the goals

– Try to pre-schedule the appointment, how can you establish contact and then a relationship with them

– Don’t limit yourself to direct prospects and contacts within your comfort zone

– Follow up with connections made post the event

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Stop Your “Work” To Get In The Way Of Life

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a person who once said to me, “I’d love to travel to the Himalayas with you.”

I asked to join Vipassana with me, it was refused, “I have a lot more on my platter than thinking about these things right now.”

Most of us are caught in the web of responsibilities; kids, family, financial, work, learning, etc. Where is life? You’re like a dead one en route to your graveyard – sometimes alive, sometimes dead.

Long story short: The world around you will keep unveiling on its own because of the safe hands of the maintainer. You need to take charge of yourself only, enabling life to happen not forcing yourself to get things done.

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