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Dreaming with the eyes wide open

For most of the entrepreneurs and founders, there is a thin line between the weekdays and weekends. I work for managing the business during the days and weekends mostly spent on ideation, visualization, roadmap development, meetings with entrepreneurs and mentoring people.

I also spend a considerable amount of time during the weekends in daydreaming with the eyes wide open. When I am fully awake and that inner voice of faith begins speaking the promises of good things and social impacts that I have made to myself. I dream to soar my imaginations to boost the performance and connect the missing links to accomplish the goals.

Based on my experiences, I dare you to dream during the day. Want to experience it now. Close your eyes and start breathing; inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 20 seconds and exhale within 10 seconds. Continue for 10-20 minutes. Permit the voice of your spirit to embrace and let you tell about the big and bold good things that have yet to come into your life to make your living a bright and beautiful one.

Daydreaming is the seed of goodness that you saw in your life field to crop a good life. When you have an idea clarity coming from within you can then apply other factors to make it a reality.