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How to Manifest Your Life Vision

Vedic books are filled with the mantras that invoke and manifest all round harmony – they are like our ultimate life goals written for us to live a joyous life and leave our legacy. That’s the reason all religious preaching guides us to begin our day with the prayer.

Similarly, you need to write your own prayer for your life. You may call it life vision. You keep your life vision closer to you and read it everyday. It’s a recognized fact that when you read your life vision everyday then you think about it. When your goal is in your front, you work for them and they will manifest. That’s in a nutshell is the Law of Attraction.

I have observed that seeing your goal everyday push you to take some actions to get closer to its realization. Knowing that you’re getting closer to your goal strengthens the willpower, your ability to make powerful decisions and increased focus, attention and commitment to accomplish your goal.

If you take just one step toward you big goals every day, you’ll realize those goals weren’t really far away.