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The school of yourself

Last Saturday when I asked students, “How long do you read everyday?”
99% of students raised their hands for less than one hour a day.

It’s kind of shocking to notice that in spite of them being in school and a full time learner, they have such a low level of commitment for learning.

I feel education should never stop whether we are in school or not. We should never deprive ourselves of learning.

Our curiosity about the world should never stop. Because unless we chase every reference, unless we go deeper than anybody else, unless we explore deeper to quench our curiosity, its difficult to farther ahead and claim our significance.

Always be reading. Always collect books whether you have time to read or not. Always google.

Google anything. Google your dream. Google your desire. Google your aspiration. Googling is a beautiful thing – When you find result of your search, your imagination soars, your thinking finds strength, you garner advocacy for your concept, you find others who has similarity to you.

Be the best curious adult. Be the school of yourself…

What do you think?