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What Differentiates Intellectual and Educated

Three surgeon friends met during the reunion and started talking about their achievements. The first friend said proudly – “I have done such a fantastic job this year. One of my patients came to me with both legs cut and I replaced his legs and this year he is running in the Olympics and likely to win the gold medal.”

The second friend said – “I have treated a lady with over 70% face burnt due to an accident and this year she is contesting Miss World competition and a strong contender to win the crown.”

Third friend maintained the silence. Other two friends asked him – What’s new with you?

Third Friend – “I cannot share my accomplishment as it is very huge and I am committed to not making it public.” The other two friends became curious and insisted him to reveal that they are friends and the information will remain private.

“You know, I had a patient who was admitted to my hospital with his head completely thrashed and I was clueless on operating him and saving his life. I was in my garden thinking about the surgery procedure and I was walking in my garden when my eyes got stuck on the Cabbage. I plucked one cabbage and stick to his neck. You know he is a Prime Minister now.”

What do you think?