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How cooperation makes wonderful things achievable

In verse 3.12 of the Bhagavad Gita God Krishna says, “Even the blessed ones who receive various necessities of life from God enjoy these without sharing it with the other creatures are certainly a thief.”
You cannot achieve anything worthwhile without cooperation and help from others. It is the curbed and selfish passion that stops you from cooperating with people, organisations, and the nation. For the world to evolve, now is the time we pursue and push the agenda of “World’s One Family.”
How do you define cooperation?
How do you see yourself, your family, society and your organisation becoming better with the cooperation?
How will you measure whether you are cooperating well with others who matter for your plan ahead?
How will you know when you’re not cooperating?
And while conducting yourself in daily life remember, you are here for a short visit, not knowing how you are going to sail through the uncertain yet tough terrain of life.
Whatever happiness, success or peace you have today is there because of the labour of other people, how earnestly you must exert yourself to give in return as much as you receive so that living becomes happier, fearless, free of suffering and there exists a mutual respect.

What do you think?