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The simple secret to stand out

Last week I was at a wedding function and one invitee approached me stating, “I read your every post and feel so much enchanted. Thanks for continuously guiding us.”

I’ve been reading data, observing and analyzing the whole philosophy of writing, sharing and getting likes/comments on online media. Only 2% people read and less than 2% of 2% likes or comments on your post. And when I don’t see likes/comments I start doubting – maybe something is wrong in my writing, talking and thinking.

Then I think to please more people.. To increase those 2% and try to please everyone. I get clouded by doubts – would I stop pleasing anyone if I lose my true voice? I get this answer – I’m victimizing the self by trying to sound like trying to please everybody else and end up losing my 2% true fans.

And that’s how I wished to stand out. By focusing on my 2%. By focusing on my true fans. By ignoring the data and by being myself. And by not trying to be someone I’m not.

I realize that patience is the virtue while being myself and I can stand out only by talking in my own true voice and not in someone else’s voice.
Because everybody else’s voice is already taken..

What do you think?