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Strength is a must to live a good life

I did my primary education in the same school where my father was a teacher. Every day, I’d walk for 6 KM to go to school and return back home. My father would ride a bicycle at the speed of maybe 10 kilometers per hour, and on most days, I’d run behind him to reach school.
One day, during the summer, I was running behind him, wet with sweat, red-faced, and breathing high. A fellow teacher and friend of my father, noticing my condition, said to my father, “Why are you becoming so merciless? Don’t you notice the condition of your son? Give him lift.”
My father replied, “I am well aware of what I am doing and his condition. I also know that to live good life, he must possess a physical, mental and emotional strength that will keep him firm and tireless to face the life situations. It’s my way to train and prepare him for tomorrow.”
Several years later, when I met the same teacher during my visit to Bihar, he patted my back and said, “I wish every father acts like your father did and narrated the story to me.”
Until my last breath, my father is my first and last master, guide, guiding force…

3 thoughts on “Strength is a must to live a good life”

  1. Hats off to the great teacher and it’s so true that you should be physically, mentally and emotionally to succeed in life..

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