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How to design a better life

You can design a better life, if you only remember these few things…

Remember that you are a designer of your life.

To be a designer of your life, you must think about your life plan as a designer – what is your desirability to reap tangible and strategic outcome.

Listen to you, people and environment to find the inspirations that will be like a dewdrop to invoke your own intuition, creativity and confidence.

Remember that Not knowing is just fine.

Awaken your genius within to learn, experiment, risk and having the attitude to feel “alright” even when you fail. Trust that one day you’ll be perfect, fine and profoundly expert in your act.

Remember that being optimistic is like being alive.

Whatever is not in your reach today is your opportunity to get tomorrow. When you self-doubt, it’s better to start with “What if?” instead of wondering about “What’s wrong?” Believe and burst yourself for better future.

Remember that you can beat by going out and getting done.

Don’t ponder over the things. Don’t procrastinate. Pull yourself out of your comfort zone. Go out of the building and learn from the world. Everywhere around the wisdom is awaiting for you to come and learn.

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