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Raise Your Standard

Do you remember the first word you spoke as a child?

Do you know how you felt when you took your first step when you had enough power in your leg to stand and move?

Do you remember your first day at the nursery school to start learning? What was the first thing that you learned?

Now, imagine how you have come a long way from your first word, first step, and first lesson in nursery school to become a good communicator, first uncertain steps to walking long distances and a skilled and knowledgeable person.

When you read the stories of people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, and so on who’ve set rules to work hard to raise their standards higher in order to make positive changes are unbelievable.

If you dare to raise your standards, the same power exists within you. It all starts with a simple change in yourself, whether transforming yourself, an organization, a company, a nation, or the world.

Time is now, the person is you, if not now, when?

What do you think?