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Never Outshine Your Master

Kabir’s verse: Guru Govind dono khade kake lagu paay Balihari Guru aapki Govind diyo batay.

I interpret this verse by Kabir in two ways:

One is that I was confused about the identity of the god and my master came to my aid and taught me how to recognize God and bow to his feet.

The other is that both my master and the God were present before me. I first bow to the feet of my master who introduced me to God.
Here are a few other instances where Masters helped their disciple outshine:

Tulsidas asked Hanuman if he would see Lord Ram, Hanuman assured him that Ram would visit his hermitage someday and he would be able to see God. When Ram came as a child, Tulsidas did not recognize him. Hanuman appeared and pointed out to Tulsidas that his Lord Ram had arrived.

Respect your master for their wisdom and experience. Do not try to impress them with your skills, abilities, achievements or uniqueness. Make your masters look more brilliant than they are and you will reach the peak of power.

Use these tips to outshine your master:

• Dress and act like someone who shares the values of your master.
• Let your master think they are smarter than you
• Always present yourself as a curious and eager to learn from the guidance and suggestions of your master

What do you think?