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Finding the lost you

The essence of enlightenment doesn’t lie in the pursuit of ultimate consciousness, but in understanding oneself in the present moment.

Imagine being poor with Rs. 10; then, as you gain more wealth, you consistently feel poor, no matter the amount, due to others having more. Remembering your true nature can change your perception: seeing yourself as kind makes you feel kind, and envisioning yourself as a master makes you feel like one.

A story from my childhood resonates with this idea: a king’s unruly son, forced to live as a beggar, forgets his royal heritage. Years later, the king, seeking his son, finds him in destitution and reminds him of his identity. The prince, recalling his royal lineage, sheds his beggarly life, transforms into a king, and is instantly treated with respect. He articulates that when he remembered his true self, he forgot his former state.

Constantly remembering our true identity eradicates the need for external reminders. Rediscovering oneself initiates transformation. Thus, by recalling who we truly are, a profound shift occurs, obviating the need for external cues.

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