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Do not kill the passion

I met a guy a few days ago who was looking for mentoring. He had failed in academics, but he had learned DJ skills on his own and had a lot of confidence in his talent.

He told me that he loved performing in front of thousands of people and making them dance and enjoy his music, but he felt no support from his family. He said his mom thought that DJing was not a career.

I asked him, “Why don’t you follow your passion?” He looked sad and said, “I know I can do well here, but I don’t want to disappoint my mom.” His eyes were filled with tears.

I advised him to look for some part-time work that could help him pay for his living expenses and pursue his passion. I also told him that I could help him find some opportunities to perform at parties or functions and get lots of compliments for his skills.

What do you think?