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Mother and Motherland is Superior to all

After defeating Ravan, Lord Ram approached him and, with folded palms, spoke, “You have committed grave crimes, including the abduction of my wife and numerous evil and disruptive acts. Your crimes were heinous that I had no option other than take your life. Despite this, I acknowledge your wisdom and knowledge, and I humbly request that you share your wisdom with me.”

Ravan replied, “Oh, Ram! I only wish I had more time to be your teacher rather than your adversary. My time is limited, so I’ll impart the most crucial lesson I’ve learned in my life: Bad things easily captivate and entice you, leading you to hoard them impatiently. On the other hand, the things that are truly beneficial for you often fail to attract your attention. You skillfully invent powerful excuses to justify your disregard for them. This is why I was hasty in abducting Sita but never made an effort to meet you. These are my parting words, Ram; it’s your responsibility to recognize and embrace goodness.”

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