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Rising to Great Heights

“I have this feeling of living a loser and rotten life. They say, every dog has a day but, it seems, my life is written without my day. Isn’t that even God supports only the blessed few?”

When you plant fern and bamboo side by side, the fern sprouts quickly but remains short, while the bamboo takes time to grow but eventually reaches great heights. It’s similar in life – sometimes, we need time to build a strong foundation before we can achieve rapid growth.

Our periods of struggle are like nurturing our roots and developing the right mindset and skills to handle success. Opportunities surround us, and it’s our task to recognize them and take action to forge our unique path. With continuous effort and creativity, we can craft a happy and purposeful life through the choices we make and our commitment to our goals.

God eagerly awaits us to rise to our fullest potential and show the world our glory.

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