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How to turn dreams into reality with wisdom, devotion and action?

Like me, have you ever wondered why some people turn their dreams into reality while many others keep saying that dreams are not meant to be true?

The difference lies largely in how you apply the wisdom, devotion and action. 

This has been shown pretty well in Ramayana and helps me rewire my brain.

Kaushalya, mother of God Ram, was an embodiment of wisdom. Throughout her life, she conducted herself wisely and enlightened life.

Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman, was full of devotion. She handed over Lakshman for Ram’s service and never demanded anything for herself.

Kakayi, the mother of Bharat, was an action-oriented person. Her actions were misguided as she went into the company of Manthara, and influenced by her ill-will, she demanded the fulfilment of her two boons to send Ram to the forest for 14 years of exile.

Spending one minute focusing on this prompt: “Whatever you are doing right now, is it aligned with the right wisdom, devotion and action? 

Is it what will wake you up tomorrow, will take you where you want to be next year, how others will see you, and what your life will look like?”

Just one minute of reflection will align your thinking, feeling and action the way your best self would for converting your dreams into reality.

Sounds like work! Try it.