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How can one get rid of external and sensory disruptions? How can one enhance the intuition to do more of the righteous things?

Meditating regularly and constantly is the most powerful ammunition in the hands of humanity to discover life’s meanings and attain salvation.

Meditation is a mental process that will help you eliminate disturbing and distracting thoughts and focus on specifics, whatever you want to dwell on – matter, material or mindfulness.

Meditation attracts divinity when experienced – you will start seeing a much more beautiful world.

Meditation washes away your sin and devious motives, like the rainwater flowing the mud and garbage from the sewer.

So, what is the right way to meditate?

There are many ways to do the meditation. Choose the meditation style you are comfortable with; you can easily perform and suit your intellectual pursuit.

Meditation should be done in peaceful settings, sitting with folded legs and eyes closed unless you are afraid of sleeping. Keep your eyes on God’s idol, or focus on the place between your eyes.

During the meditation, keep your head, body, and neck straight. Your both hands should rest on your knees.

Meditation done in such settings and manner brings optimum results. It is like when you crop the seed on fertile land; it gives you a better output.

Starting from 15 minutes, you can meditate as long as you wish. Refrain from any form of noise, disruption, disturbance, ego, and selfish motive. You are assured of attracting the positivity and goodness in your life by performing the meditation.