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Desirelessness is the best boon

A man went into worshipping God Shiva to seek his blessings to fulfil his desire. After several years of God Shiva got pleased and granted him three boons.

God Shiva said “You can fulfil your three wishes, i grant you three boons.”

The man forgot what he wanted and after lots of thinking he remembered. He asked for the first wish “His wife should die immediately.”

His wife died instantly.

Seeing his wife dead he started feeling sad so he requested God to fulfil his second wish “Please revive my wife again.” His wife got her life back.

God warned “Now you have only one boon left. So, ask your third boon.”

Man got confused and was unable to decide. He took years but could not decide. Finally he asked God, “I am not able to decide, you please help.”

God said “There can be only one wish, one desire which is worthwhile. Ask for desirelessness, otherwise nothing is worthwhile.

Whatever you ask, the next moment you will want something else, even just the opposite of the first.”