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Die a hero… so that, people show up on your funeral day

Remember the times when people asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You’ve probably given different answers, maybe just to downplay your real aspirations.

Well, here’s something really important I want to share with you today: Embrace the idea that you never have to completely grow up. Your life isn’t just one chapter; it’s an entire book waiting to be written. Think of yourself as a fresh, empty sheet of paper with the curiosity of a beginner.

Being that blank sheet of paper lets you explore endless possibilities – drawing, writing poems, sketching, crafting paper boats, and even soaring paper airplanes. Just remember to keep your life free from negativity and mistakes that could sidetrack your journey.

As you continue penning your life story, consider these steps:



  • Assess your current situation.
  • Pick areas to focus on and explore your choices.
  • Envision your future self 5 to 10 years down the road, understanding that each step is progress, not a setback.
  • Embrace a heroic mindset that keeps propelling you ahead.
  • Foster a positive outlook where learning, growth, and enjoyment are intertwined.
  • So, let your life unfold like an empty sheet, with each moment adding another stroke to your vibrant narrative. Engage in actions that fill every page of your story with such richness that, when you take your final breath, you’ll read those pages and say, “What an incredible life I’ve had.”

    What do you think?