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How to Pursue Your Dreams in the Midst of Distractions and Disturbances

Do you dream of a quiet and serene place where you can work on your goals without being distracted or disturbed by anything? Do you think that if you could find the perfect place, you would be able to focus and get things done? If so, you are not alone. Many people long for a place of silence and calm, where they can pursue their dreams without any challenges or obstacles.

But the truth is, there is no such place. Everywhere you go, there are things that will disrupt your focus. Home, office, forest – none of them are free from noise and trouble. No matter where you are, you will face some kind of distraction.

There is a story of a man who learned a secret mantra from a master. He was told that if he chanted it non-stop, he would accomplish his wishes. He tried to do it at home, but he was always disturbed by his family and neighbors. He ran away to the forest, where he found a tree and began his chanting. But soon he was bothered by the birds tweeting, the animals growling, and the droppings hitting his head.

He left the tree and searched for another place. He found an empty field and built a hut there. He thought he had finally found quietness, but then a saint told him that a strong wind could demolish his hut. He was worried about losing his shelter, so he went back to his home and continued his chanting there.

The moral of the story is that you cannot wait for the ideal conditions to follow your dreams. You have to make do with what you have and create your own peace and harmony. Running away is not a solution, but a fantasy that distracts you from your true aim.

How can you create your own peace and harmony in any situation? Here are some tips:



  • Accept what you cannot change. Some distractions are inevitable and beyond your control. Instead of getting frustrated or angry, accept them as part of life and move on.
  • Focus on what you can control. Some distractions are within your power to reduce or eliminate. For example, you can turn off your phone, close your door, wear headphones, or set boundaries with others.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Some distractions are internal and come from your own mind and heart. For example, you may worry about the future, regret the past, or feel bored or anxious. These can interfere with your concentration and motivation. To overcome them, practice mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, or journaling.
  • Remind yourself of your purpose and goals. Some distractions are external and come from other people or things that tempt you away from your work. For example, you may want to check social media, watch TV, or chat with friends. These can make you lose sight of your priorities and waste your time. To resist them, remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing and what you hope to achieve.
  • Reward yourself for your progress. Some distractions are positive and come from your own needs and desires. For example, you may need to take a break, have a snack, or do something fun or relaxing. These can help you recharge your energy and creativity. To enjoy them without guilt, reward yourself for your progress and celebrate your achievements.
  • By following these tips, you can create your own peace and harmony in any situation and work on your dreams without distractions or disturbances. You don’t need to search for the perfect place or wait for the perfect time. You can create them wherever you are and whenever you want.

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