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A true friendship

God Krishna Says,
“I am a friend of one and all. It is up to you whether you consider me as your father, mother, master, associate or friend.

For me, friendship comes first. I enjoyed my childhood with the cowherds of Vrindavan. I played with them like an ordinary boy. I went on to steal the butter from the house of the herdsmen.

I killed the Kaliya snake who was poisoning the Yamuna water and making the water undrinkable for cows and cowherds.

You would have read about my friendship with Sudama. He was my best friend. When Sudama arrived at my home, I could not control myself even for a moment. I ran barefoot to hug him. I treated him better than myself showering my complete compassion and equanimity.

During the war of Mahabharata, I was drawn to a peculiar situation. Kauravas’s blamed me for playing one-sided. I proposed they visit my place and whomsoever I see first when I will join whom I see first when I wake up in the morning.

You know that Duryodhan came first and sat on my head, assuming I would first look at him. Arjuna knew I would see one seated on my feet first. Arjuna was my ardent devotee. For him, I was the ultimate master ruler of his life.

You know that Draupadi used to call me “Sakha”, and I used to call her “Sakhi”. I always came to her rescue as she treated me as her ultimate friend, and I always protected her whenever she remembered me for help.

I live in the heart of everyone in the form of consciousness. Some people forget me, and some constantly keep me in their thoughts and hearts. I have guaranteed the rescue to all those who remember me for help. Even though you think of your individuality, you are never separate from me. You can only conquer me through love, and your love alone binds me to you. I am gladly conquered by those who have indomitable faith in me.”

Best friends forever
Whether its thick or thin
Hold the hand and walk together
Keeps the secret, holds the baton
Holds friendship above the prayer
Makes every life moment merrier
No conditions no infatuation
Just made to love without discrimination
Counsels you when you are wrong
Comforts you when you are down
Supports you when you’re about to fall

Dedicated to all my friends, who’s made me more wiser, better and merrier…

1 thought on “A true friendship”

  1. Parvati T Soneji

    Very true. U don’t interfere until and unless asked to,. U won’t speak until and unless asked advices and suggestions……

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