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Live like a hero Die as a hero does

My two friends and I had dinner together. One of my friends asked: “So what do you think would happen on your death day?”

It was tough to answer.

Another friend replied: “Ishwar cannot give you the answer. If you permit, can I?”
“The day you die, your bank account will be jammed with millions in your bank. The day Ishwar will die, certainly traffic will be jammed in the area.”

I know I am not so kind and generous that my death day would turn out like that. But, I could sense the motive of my friend behind why he said it.

If you look back at your early childhood and remind yourself to ask the question: “What do I want to be when I grow up?”
You’d have answered many things under the pretext that you’d not show that you are not here for a small bet.
Bring yourself back to the present, and you would say: “I wish, I Never grow up. Period.”
If you think that way, it’s because your life is not one chapter. To complete your life book, you will have to write many chapters. You would feel like being a blank piece of paper and always have a beginner’s mind.
Imagine yourself as a blank piece of paper. You can do many things – you can draw, write poetry, sketch a picture, make a paper boat, fly a paper plane, etc. etc.
And while you are on your flow to write your living story; from time to time:
– Assess your life to find out where you are.
– Decide what area to take action on and start gathering options.
– Keep prototyping your future self 5 – 10 years from now. Remember that there’s no failure, just continuous progress towards your destination.
– Choose to think and live in ways that focus on living your life as a hero does.
– Maintain a mindset of joyous life in which you learn, grow and have fun.
Live like a hero. Die as a hero does.

What do you think?