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Go where you are rare

Success is at the right place at the right time. Once upon a time, I refused a lucrative offer to join a leading IT company in Mumbai, citing “I won’t shift to Mumbai.” I was well settled in Vadodara when I got an offer to join Sony Music in Mumbai. I asked a close friend for advice, and he said, “Ishwar, you should go there as you will get a better opportunity to grow yourself.”

If I’d have refused the opportunity, Sony Music wouldn’t have happened. The opportunity to write 100s of articles won’t have happened. Joining the league of youngest CEO of Digital at Zee won’t have happened. Travelling around the globe won’t have happened. Speaking, mentoring and guiding 100s of entrepreneurs won’t have happened. And meeting 1000s beautiful people won’t have happened.

“Go where you are rare.” is a great sentence—being rare positions you as extraordinarily unique. It brings power to you. Things work differently. That ‘rare’ position allows you to discover, justify, explain, convince, and win over hundreds of people aiming to grab the spot you are enjoying. You’re in the spotlight.

If you have spotted that ‘rare’ position, the only word of precaution is don’t sit on it having full reliance on your talent alone to draw extraordinary results. Push your limits, empathy and desire to serve the cause. Keep honouring the purpose of you in that ‘rare’ person, and do more things to serve the people around you.

Impatience in your heart brings you alive
dreams in your eyes make you alive
Live like the free waves of wind
Learn to flow like the waves floating over the sea
Receive every moment in life with open arms
Every moment is a new beginning
surprise in your eyes keeps you alive
impatience in your heart keeps you alive

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