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What does it means to be an entrepreneur, exactly?

“Entrepreneurs basically not only see the opportunities, but also the solutions.”

“A critical element to a successful entrepreneur- he or she thinks in themes, not in single events.”

“I don’t know too many insecure successful entrepreneurs.”

“Fear and courage are very closely related. Anybody who does not understand fear does not know courage.”

“Entrepreneurs don’t fail – things sometimes just don’t work out. But, that’s it.”

“Entrepreneurs don’t just deal with risk, they have a risk appetite. They look for changes that will make the difference.”

“An entrepreneur is a guy who thinks outside of the box, a person who does not accept the conventional. He constantly asks ‘what if?’, ‘could I?’, or ‘should I?’”

“There is a Confucian saying: ‘The definition of a schmuck is someone who reached his goal.’ Entrepreneurs always keep going – they never stop.”

“It is lonely being an entrepreneur. Often, you turn around and ask:Where is everybody?”

“I’ll tell you a story that I think is probably the most significant advice that I give young entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur was facing bankruptcy, and he beseeches God repeatedly each week to let him win the lottery to save his livelihood.

The first week, he didn’t win.

The second week, he didn’t win. But the third time, a flash of light appears, and from up high, comes a voice — and it’s the voice of God — You’ve got to buy a ticket!

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