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Center in the self for unconditional giving

I asked Krishna, “Krishna, every day I face uncertainty, challenges, fear, and distress. How can I cope with these scary situations?”

Krishna said, “You can attain perfect harmony by following the principles of unconditional giving, which require you to combine your inner wisdom with right action. Without either one, you will not get the best results. If you have wisdom but do not act, you may miss an opportunity or cause harm. If you act without wisdom, you may make mistakes or regret your choices.

You will have to make difficult decisions from time to time, and you need to use your inner wisdom to guide you in choosing the right option and then acting on it until you achieve your goal.
When you are centered in unconditional giving, you will not be shaken by difficulties, you will not be disturbed by happiness, you will not be overwhelmed by distress, you will not be afraid of anything, and you will not suffer from anxiety.”

What do you think?