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The Art of Asking Smart Questions

You would have observed during the meetings, interviews, conferences and seminars that when someone asks the right question and it gets acknowledged with compliments like;
“You have asked a very intelligent question.”
“This is certainly a relevant question.”

You would have felt a sense of accomplishment on the face of a person who asked the question. Such a compliment changes the involvement of the person in the entire conversation.

Do you want to know how to ask an intelligent question?

Let me explain.

The best way to appear intelligent in any meeting starts with preparing beforehand.

Prepare a Venn Diagram of things you know and don’t know as displayed in the picture below. After that, have your attention fixed on the topic. Your preparation with help you both ways — you can ask an intelligent question or support the answer if you find the explanation appropriate. Such endeavour will help you gain the audience’s attention, recognition and appreciation.

Share if you have a better way to appear intelligent through any other way.

What do you think?