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Six sources of enjoyment in a life

I was reading a shloka from Vidur Niti:

अर्थागमो नित्यमरोगिता च
प्रिया च भार्या प्रियवादिनी च।
वश्यस्य पुत्रो Sर्थकरी च विद्या
षड् जीवलोकस्य सुखानि राजन्।।

It provides us six sources/means of enjoying a happy lifestyle in this World:
(i) regular source of income from your work

(ii) Having good health

(iii) A loving and soft speaking spouse

(iv) Wise, obedient and kind children

(v) Knowledge and expertise in the profession which yields regular income.

It’s going to remain relevant and timeless.