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Krishna, the promise keeper

They say truth is stranger than fiction, but what if it’s also rarer? Imagine living in an era where unbroken promises are as rare as a cold sun or a hot moon. This is no product of fancy, but the age-old tale of Krishna, where a man’s truthfulness put even nature’s most unalterable truths to shame.

God Krishna was uniquely known for his steadfast integrity, a promise made by Krishna was the ultimate assurance anyone could ask for.

As the fearsome battle of Mahabharat loomed, Kunti, mother of the brave Pandavas, found herself drowning in anxiety for her sons’ safety. Krishna, seeing her distress, calmly promised, “Do not fear, mother. Your sons will invariably return home from the battlefield unscathed.”

Kunti clung onto Krishna’s words as a lifeline in the tumultuous sea of her worries. As the dust of war slowly enveloped the battlefield, the Pandavas fought with bravery, their mother’s hopes tied to their valor, and Krishna’s promise protecting them like a divine shield.

When all five Pandavas returned home victorious, Kunti’s heart swelled with relief and gratitude. During their victory celebration, she praised Krishna, saying, “Your word is the epitome of truthfulness. It’s more conceivable to experience the sun losing its heat and the moon its chill, rather than your words proven false.”

From this point onward, Krishna’s fulfilled promise etched a mark in history, symbolizing unshakeable truthfulness. His inherent ability to honor his word, despite unparalleled challenges, defined honor and reliability. Krishna’s saga untangled an eternal fact: when one promises earnestly and upholds it against all odds, it generates an everlasting impact, akin to natural truths that stand the test of time.

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