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How to surrender to God like a true devotee

A true devotee surrenders his actions as a duty to his God and considers himself only a follower of God’s instructions.

When Hanuman Ji begins his journey to Lanka in search of Sita, he proclaims with chastity, “Now I have no rest until I complete the job of my Prabhu Ram”.

On his way to cross the sea to reach Lanka, Hanuman faced Surasa, the mother of all snakes.
She obstructs Hanuman’s path from all sides. She says, “Today I will eat you as my food.”

Hanuman requests her, “I am on my way to search of mother Sita, the Lord Ram’s wife. Upon my return I will surrender myself to you. Please don’t obstruct my path as I am on duty of my lord Ram.”

Surasa doesn’t listen to Hanuman’s request. Hanuman entered into her mouth — he doubled his size, Surasa quadrupled, and they both continued it. Hanuman cleverly reduced his size to a small form and got out of her tail. Hanuman defeats her through his intelligent acts. She blesses Hanuman saying – “You be the force to complete the job of God Ram.”

After entry to Lanka, Hanuman visits Ashok Vatika. Hanuman drops the finger ring Lord Ram given to Hanuman, stating she’ll recognise the finger ring.
Sita, doubting him, asks for his introduction. Hanuman replies -“I am the messenger of God Ram and I swear by his name.” Sita gets convinced.

Hanuman was presented in the court of Ravan. Ravan ordered his ministers to burn Hanuman’s tail – he realises this is happening because of his Lord Ram’s wish.

On his return from Lanka, Ram asked him about activities in Lanka. Hanuman said, “God, the devils burnt fire in your tail, and it caused entire Lanka got devastated in the fire.” Lord Ram was smiling, observing the childlike devotion of Hanuman.

The true meaning of surrendering your duty is to consider every action as a work of God. It’s like feeling like a child of God and devoting yourself to work free from fear and worries. Believe that God is ever present to support you as his favoured child and always leave in peace and tranquillity under his governance.

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