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A tale: God is within us

In the ancient Indian kingdom lived a highly respected sage. The Sage was wise, fearless, knowledgeable, gentle, and endowed with divine nature.

Jealous of his popularity and unfathomable spiritual philosophy, the King sent him a notice to appear in his senate.

The Sage obliged the King’s order. The King said: “You are considered wise and spiritual. You must be knowing all things about God. I have three questions for you. If you don’t provide me with the satisfactory answer to these questions, you will get beheaded on the thirtieth day from today.”

“Here are my questions,” continued the King,
“Where is God?”
“How can I see him?”
“What does he do all the time?”

The Sage was shocked hearing the questions asked by the King. Under stress, he was sleepless, fearful, and feeling helpless. He was unable to answer questions in a way that satisfies the King.

Time passed, but he could not get the answers. On the appointed date, the guards of King took the Sage in custody. The guards brought him to the senate of King for punishment order.

The Sage had a teenage son. Knowing that his father will be ordered punishment, he ran to the palace and put a request to allow him to appear in the senate.

He requested: “Dear King, May I have your permission to answer questions on and behalf of my father with the condition that you’ll release my father if my answers satisfy you?”

He got permission.

The Boy requested a gallon of milk. The King ordered his courtier to bring milk to the senate. Seeing the milk boy said: “May I also request you to order your courtiers to churn the milk into butter?”

The courtiers followed the King’s order to churn the milk into butter.

“Your honor, your first two questions are answered.”

The King objected: “You didn’t answer anything. None of us hear it.”

The son of Sage asked: “Where was the butter before it got churned?”

The King: ” It was present in the milk.”

The Boy: “In what part of the milk?”

The King: “In all of it.”
“As the butter is in all of the milk, God is present in all of us whether dead or alive.”

King asked: “Then, why don’t I see him?”

“You won’t see him until you churn your mind and body through the practices of devotion and meditation.”
He continued: “You have to chant his name, meditate upon him, serve his lotus feet, worship him as per scriptures, prostrate before him, serve him and befriend him. Release my father now.”

“Wait,” the King ordered. “You have not answered my third question yet. What God does all the time?”

The Boy smiled. “To answer the third question, we have to change our places.”

The King vacated his seat to move to the place where Boy was standing. The Boy occupied the throne. Courtiers were amused.

“God at all times lift those who comply with the holy living principles and bring down those who indulge in wrongdoings. He is the source of creation of all beings, he is our supreme savior, and he is responsible for restoring righteousness.”

The King ordered the respectful release of Sage and offered state honor to the young Boy.

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