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5 Traits That Make You Wildly Hirable

Ideally if you are great at job, you’d be getting a few calls from the recruitment agencies, your previous employers, your ex-bosses or professional references asking you about:
Can I take you for a coffee to discuss an opportunity?
How is the job?
Are you still happy with what you do?
Are you making money?
Did they change the compensation plan on you?
You’ll never believe how good things are going over here.
You have an open invitation to be on my team.

If it’s not happening with you, you may be lacking in these 5 key traits that make you wildly hireable — check it out.

  1. Are you Coachable
    You can absorb new learnings and apply it wherever necessary and applicable.

  2. Are you Curious?
    Your ability to develop understanding through effective questioning and learning.

  3. Do you have prior successes to show?
    Not only the job specific but you championed a college event, played cricket or got recognised for social work.

  4. Are you Intelligent?
    Having the ability to learn complex subject quickly and you are able to explain learned concepts in an easy to understand manner.

  5. What’s your work rules?
    How do you align your personal mission to the company mission with high degree of energy, capacity and leadership.

What do you think?