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4 types of people you should not believe what they say

बातुल भूत बिबस मतवारे। ते नहिं बोलहिं बचन बिचारे॥
जिन्ह कृत महामोह मद पाना। तिन्ह कर कहा करिअ नहिं काना॥
बालकाण्ड ११८

“Those who are delirious or mad, those who are possessed and those
who are inebriated, do not talk sense. None should give ear to the ravings of those who have drunk the wine of infatuation.”

Goddess Parvati requests God Shankar to share the story of Ram with her.
God Shankar starts narrating the story of Ram, telling her about whom to consider getting the advice:

Lord Shankar warns her not to consider the advice given by people
1. Who speak or often think crazily because of mental illness,
2. Who has drunk too much alcohol,
3. Whose thought are controlled by an evil spirit,
4. And those who are deeply inflicted with greed, fear, and infatuation.

So now onwards, whenever you consider anyone’s guidance or advice, evaluate the giver’s condition.

Hitting the ceiling means feeling stuck, frustrated, and living every day like there is not enough time.

Try developing these five skills to break through the ceiling and see yourself advance to the next level.

  1. SIMPLIFY – eliminate complexity and reducing everything to the essential.
  2. DELEGATE – free and elevate yourself to do what you are best at and then delegate others to the next best person you know.
  3. PREDICT – choose your path after evaluating the long-term and short-term goals.
  4. SYSTEMIZE – document and follow the process and procedure that will help you achieve your goals.
  5. STRUCTURE – define and organize your team and resources to reduce complexity, improve clarity, communication, and accountability.

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