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Why giving your 100% is not enough?

Anonymous asked, “I know of my job and I understand my career plan, I believe it’s like my calling and I give my 100% performance. Yet, I have not got the desired result. I don’t know what’s missing…”

I started reflecting on the probable reason and it brought my attention to the story of Draupadi. When Kauravas started pulling her saree, she tried to protect herself with all of her energy and capability, but she couldn’t. Feeling helpless she called Krishna and in spite of her constant calling help was not coming. Finally when a few yards of saree was left in her body, she gave up and surrendered to Krishna. Finally Krishna savoured his support and protected her.

After a few days Draupadi met Krishna she scolded in fury and complained for his delayed hearing. Krishna replied, “when you first called out for the divine, you also kept your hands firmly on your saree. Your ego was not ready to fully submit itself to the divine, and your faith was not strong enough to trust Krishna to come and save you.

It was only when you lost all sense of hope, that your ego had finally loosened its grip on the saree, that your heart allowed space for the divine to enter and work its charm. Only then, could I make my appearance and fulfil your need and desire.”

Its clear – to get 100% result you must have 100% divine faith and surrender yourself completely. Jai Shri Krishna!