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Whether prayers are answered

You will find many instances of prayers being answered when done so with the full devotion and faith by the devotee. People who have experienced the power of prayer would state that “It happened because they asked for it with full faith in the Godhood.” For prayer to be answered, the prayer must be;

The prayer must be done with the realization that God has the indomitable power to fulfil your wish.

God is so kind that he’ll undoubtedly listen to my need and show me the path to accomplishing it.

My demand for help is legitimate, important and law-abiding because of this God will grant me his blessings fulfilling my demand.

Combining the full inner devotion unto God, I have faith that my prayers are truthful and hence God will shower his blessings.

When all of the above factors are adjoined together, and prayers are offered, the devotee imbibes the confidence that his prayers will be answered. Having this mindset makes the natural forces join with the caller to get his calling answered.

May God grant your truthful wishes!

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