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What if you depend on God like a baby monkey depends on her mother?

I found this picture of a baby monkey fully dependent on her mother to carry her everywhere in my phone gallery.

It reminded me of my own childhood when I was dependent on my mother.

A question appeared in my mind: ‘What if we possess the highest level of dependability in God like a baby monkey?”

What would happen if we take refuge in God without being worried whether God appears in front of me or not, whether he bestows his blessings in the hours of crisis or not, whether I am his favorite child or not.

My experience says that when I depend on God, it frees me from worries, it frees me from worldly responsibilities, it brightens the darkness surrounding me, and it sets me free from bondage.

And then the only thing I have to do — to withdraw myself to him, behold him by meditating upon him, reciting his name all the time, and serve God in all means and acts.

By this singleton thinking, I remain fully surrendered into his feet and happy with whatever he decides for me with his sweet will.

Experience it to become an experiencer.